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Victorian Naval Forces Muster

for the Colony of Victoria. (muster range 1853-1910)*
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 Last Name:First Name:Rank: Birth Date: Branch:Image:
Click for Profile.HickeyWilliamBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HayesThomasBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.LeopoldJosephBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MartinThomasBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.GreerThomasBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.OliverWilliamBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.PowerThomasBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.PhillipsLouisBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.StoneGeorgeBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.StaceyJosephBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WhittonHenryBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.AdamsGeorge H.Boy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.BrooksGeorge B.Boy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CollinsJohnBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.EcclesJohnBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.FrazerJosephBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HughesJohnBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HandAdolphusBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.BurkeArthurBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.O'ShannessyJohnBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ThompsonWilliamBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.IkinsJohnBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CopasWilliamBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.AkwoodWilliamBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.BarberJohnBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.FaheyThomasBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.PoolerJohnBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HobsonJohnBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MansfieldCharlesBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McKennaWilliamBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SmartAlexanderBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SinclairJohnBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.NelsonJohnBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ClarkAdamBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.DaleyWilliamBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HollandJohnBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.JonesEdwardBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WoodruffHenry A.Boy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ToussardEugeneBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HillWilliamBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MerrymanJamesBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MaloneTimothyBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MedginEdwardBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.PaynterThomasBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.RobinsonJohn A.Boy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.RyanThomasBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CalbertJamesBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.AdamsJoseph W.Boy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MillsEdwardBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.StaceyWilliamBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WhiteJosephBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.BlakeHenryBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.LawrenceWilliamBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.PritchardCharles H.Boy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WoofleHenryBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WheelerRobert M.Boy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.BolteWilliamBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MurphyPeterBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McKeonJohnBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HughesGrantleyBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.JuryAbelBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.DavidsonJamesBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.GavinJohnBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.GreenThomasBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.JohnstoneEdwardBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.PartelleJohn E.Boy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SydneyJohnBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CavanaghEdwardBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WrightGeorgeBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.LaceyCharles WilliamBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.FlaretyJosephBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SheridanJamesBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ConannonJohnBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HenallRichardBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SheldanSamual B.Boy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WhittakerJohn H.Boy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WalshJamesBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.BarfoolThomasBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.KellyWilliam CharlesBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CowlingPatrick J.Boy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.EdwardsAlfredBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.LaneJohnBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WilsonJohn E.Boy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.JohnstoneWilliamBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.EdwardsJohnBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MayfieldEdwardBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HarringtonAlbertBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.PoolooJohnBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.GearyThomasBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.JillksJohnBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.AndersonEdwardBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HorneCharles H.Boy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MusgroveWilliamBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MansfieldJohnBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MillerRichardBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.O'HalloranJohnBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HallJamesBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McMahonPatrickBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.RyanJohnBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.YardFrancisBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.EdwardsAlfredBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.BraidJohnBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.O'NealPeterBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SmithMichael R.Boy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WilliamsEdwardBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WellsEdwardBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WhittonHenryBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.BoyanCharlesBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CarlyleHenryBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.JohnstoneWilliamBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HeelingErnestBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CarrJamesBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CarswillJamesBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.FitpatrickThomasBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MacannFrederick H.Boy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ManningFrederickBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MorrisonRoderickBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.PowerCharles E.Boy Water Police 
Click for Profile.RogersGeorgeBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SeymourJamesBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ShirneJamesBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McGillFrederickBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CrossWilliamBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.DavisJohnBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.EilosJamesBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HarlowJohnBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.JonesJohnBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MorrisonJohnBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.PowerJamesBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.QuinlanJohnBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WhittakerRichardBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.GreerGeorgeBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.FlanneryDanielBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.KerrAlfredBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.RevisJosephBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CreedJosephBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.JohnstonGeorgeBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.KellyJamesBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.LancasterJohnBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McDonaldJohnBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.O'ConnorPatrick F.Boy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.QuinnHenryBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SmithThomas J.Boy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CarlyleAlbetBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SelpageHenryBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ClarkeJohnBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CruiserWilliamBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CrossThomasBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.DownieRobertBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ForbesGeorgeBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.GraceJohnBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.GrayDavidBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HarrisonJohnBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.JordanWilliamBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.KilbyWalterBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MorganJohnBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.PhillipsEdwardBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SmithJamesBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WatkinsEdwardBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WheelerRobertBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MorresJosephBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ThompsonAlfredBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HoskinsJohn AlfredBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.O'ReganJosephBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.JonesThomasBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WicksBenjaminBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MorganDaniel E.Boy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ForesterAlfredBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.FogartyAndrewBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.RedfordFrank P.Boy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McEwinJohnBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ClarkWilliamBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SpeedingThomas ErnestBoy   
Click for Profile.WolfordWilliamBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WestonHenry J.Boy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.AmessGeorgeBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.GirdlestoneWilliamBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MooneyJoseph F.Boy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ShelbockWalterBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HigginsGeorgeBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SherwinAlfredBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ReadonJohnBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.GoedonJamesBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.FitzgeraldFrancisBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SheriffJohnBoy Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.RobinsonJohn E.Boy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ArglesGeorge F.Boy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HarrisonJ.Midshipman Naval Brigade 
Click for Profile.RirminghamMauriceBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CameronD.Engineer Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.BirdRobertBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CohenJamesBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HeveyJohnBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MansfieldWilliamBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ToogoodHenryBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CaseyHenryBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CampbellWilliamBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CollinsThomasGunner's Mate Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.StaceyWilliam 00-00-1855Nelson Delivery Crew 
Click for Profile.Fosbery Gunner Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.McArthurA.  Naval Brigade 
Click for Profile.Fergi Sub-Lieutenant   
Click for Profile.Fawcett Sub-Lieutenant   
Click for Profile.JacksonAmos J.Captain Countess Delivery Crew 
Click for Profile.BrodieRobert  Countess Delivery Crew 
Click for Profile.Messman Able Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.EldridgeR.Chief Petty Officer Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.LastH.Petty Officer Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.WilliamsonT.  Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.NelsonP.Petty Officer Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.StabellD.Petty Officer Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.ByrneS.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.GibsonR.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.PetersonA.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.PetersonR.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.CampbellJ.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.AitkinG.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.DorganD.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.HydeA.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.ErryR.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.HamptonR.Petty Officer Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.HenwoodJ.Leading Stoker Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.StaffordT.Leading Stoker Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.MaddenJ.Stoker Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.FordJ.Stoker Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.JacksonH.Gunner Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.ThompsonC.Petty Officer Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.AmeryJ.Petty Officer Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.HoesleyW.Petty Officer Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.McIloryJ.Petty Officer Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.JohnsonJ.Petty Officer Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.VineB.Petty Officer Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.BlandC.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.HossackA.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.BakerH.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.GarlickE.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.MurphyD.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.JohnsonJ.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.PetersonP.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.RobertsonJ.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.JonesR.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.LewisT.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.BuckleyT.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.PetersonF.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.HoustonJ.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.ConnorT.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.DonahueH.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.GreenR.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.WilliamsJ.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.WalterW.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.MeiskeF.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.WilliamsE.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.MakinsA.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.AndersonH.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.MoxonJ.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.WyallR.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.Parlane Sergeant Volunteer Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.HernanH.Gunner Volunteer Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.Edmunds Gunner Volunteer Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.Fearson Gunner Volunteer Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.FergusonDavid  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.KentAlexanderAble Seaman Naval Reserve - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.TickellGeorgeLieutenant Naval Reserve - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.Cockrell Gunner Instructor Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.SandyW.Lieutenant Volunteer Naval Brigade - Sandridge 
Click for Profile.HendonG.Drill Instructor Volunteer Naval Brigade - Sandridge 
Click for Profile.JohnsonR.Drill Instructor Volunteer Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.GrimwoodRichard A.Able Seaman08-01-1838HMCS Victoria Delivery Crew 
Click for Profile.JoJoOfficer Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Carey the Informer   Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Chisholm Lieutenant HMCS Victoria Crew 
Click for Profile.Heath Lieutenant HMCS Victoria Delivery Crew 
Click for Profile.StevensonH. G.Midshipman Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.EvansHugh Page 00-00-1861Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.JensenJens Christian PeterPetty Officer00-00-1858Naval Brigade 
Click for Profile.HeriotAndrew Simpson 00-00-1852Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.RobinsonFrankEngineer Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HeriotGeorge M.Able Seaman00-00-1850Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.AldridgeGeorgeStoker00-00-1836Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.FyfeWilliamBoy00-00-1866Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.DohertyJohn B.  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WeirAlexanderMidshipman Volunteer Naval Brigade 
Click for Profile.HarrisonJohn L.Midshipman Volunteer Naval Brigade 
Click for Profile.DavisW. H.  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HallHerbert Pitson 00-00-1869Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.PorterW. E.Chief Petty Officer Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.JohnseyAmbrose Henry 00-00-1889Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.YoungThomas R.  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.NichollsBilly  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.AndersonAndrew (Andy) 00-00-1859Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WolfeH.  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.StewartBaxterLieutenant Commander Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ThompsonKitty  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Staggard Doctor Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WlsonGeorge 00-00-1844Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.OgilvieJohn A.  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SiviesAlexander  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SanpherWilliamStoker Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MorrisonJohn 00-00-1848Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.BulleyJ.  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.DoyleThomasStoker Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.PatonAlexander  Volunteer Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.MurrayTom 00-00-1850Volunteer Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.KilgourJohn 00-00-1850Volunteer Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.ReesIsaac 00-00-1850Volunteer Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.TavernerJohn 00-00-1850Volunteer Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.BathC. 00-00-1850Volunteer Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.SmithTeddy 00-00-1850Volunteer Naval Brigade 
Click for Profile.O'KeefeJ.  Volunteer Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.MooreJ. 00-00-1850Volunteer Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.GibbsJ. 00-00-1850Volunteer Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.ElliottMat 00-00-1850Volunteer Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.FarmerW. 00-00-1850Volunteer Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.RocheE. 00-00-1850Volunteer Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.DaltonJ.  Volunteer Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.BurridgeJ. 00-00-1850Volunteer Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.HelmsRobert  Volunteer Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.Hodgson Sergeant Volunteer Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.MooreArthurAble Seaman HMCS Victoria Crew 
Click for Profile.MenziesAlexanderSteward HMCS Victoria Crew 
Click for Profile.CroninJerimiahConstable HMCS Victoria Crew 
Click for Profile.MortonG. L.2nd Assistant Engineer HMCS Victoria Crew 
Click for Profile.DugdaleJames  HMCS Victoria Crew 
Click for Profile.GardinerJames  HMCS Victoria Crew 
Click for Profile.CainThomas  HMCS Victoria Crew 
Click for Profile.BeltcherJohn  HMCS Victoria Crew 
Click for Profile.SeccarJohn  HMCS Victoria Crew 
Click for Profile.ClintonJames  HMCS Victoria Crew 
Click for Profile.LawE. T.  HMCS Victoria Crew 
Click for Profile.HipsleyF.  HMCS Victoria Crew 
Click for Profile.TaylorH.  HMCS Victoria Crew 
Click for Profile.BlackA.  HMCS Victoria Crew 
Click for Profile.JohnsonF.  HMCS Victoria Crew 
Click for Profile.LewisJames  HMCS Victoria Crew 
Click for Profile.GordonTom  HMCS Victoria Crew 
Click for Profile.ShanksJames  HMCS Victoria Crew 
Click for Profile.MasonWilliamOrdinary Seaman HMCS Victoria Crew 
Click for Profile.BennettWilliamCaptain of the Main Top HMCS Victoria Crew 
Click for Profile.SimpsonJamesSeaman HMCS Victoria Crew 
Click for Profile.GrimeWilliamPetty Officer HMCS Victoria Crew 
Click for Profile.IronsHenryAble Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WilliamsRichard Edward  Naval Brigade 
Click for Profile.Compton Bandmaster Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.BurtJohn Peirce 00-00-1855Naval Brigade 
Click for Profile.FarringtonHenry George 00-07-1861Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.DaviesHerbertBandmaster   
Click for Profile.EvansDavid John 00-00-1852Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.KenyonW.Able Seaman Volunteer Naval Brigade - Sandridge 
Click for Profile.WatsonCockySchoolmaster   
Click for Profile.Hamilton Lieutenant HMCS Victoria Crew 
Click for Profile.SmithT. J.Able Seaman Naval Brigade - Pt. Melbourne 
Click for Profile.BallardJohn/James Taylor  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Fulton Brigade Surgeon Volunteer Naval Brigade 
Click for Profile.Kennedy Chaplain   
Click for Profile.Williamson School Master   
Click for Profile.HannafordStanley 20-04-1882R.A.N. 
Click for Profile.Page   Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.BuchananGeorgePetty Officer Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.JonesPaulBoy00-00-1858Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SalmonMontagueNaval Apprentice   
Click for Profile.SandersonRichardAble Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CairnsRobert  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.DaviesEvan  Naval Reserve - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.Sacker Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Richardson   Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.JonesPaulBoy00-00-1858  
Click for Profile.BiddlecombeTom Wyburn  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MacKinnonJ. H. 00-00-1855Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.BakerFrancis Sheffield 00-00-1858Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WilliamsEdwin 00-00-1845Cerberus Delivery Crew 
Click for Profile.ScottThomasFireman00-00-1850Cerberus Delivery Crew 
Click for Profile.MacKailThomas  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SmithJackMidshipman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HayesThomasBoy00-00-1859  
Click for Profile.Eastley   Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Stephens   Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Canton   Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Skirthon   Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MurrayJ T.  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.BrutonJ.  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Carpenter   Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Gillespie   Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Elton   Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Famington   Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Marr   Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Kerraton   Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WilkinsonJoseph 00-00-1836Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.RyanEdward 00-00-1850Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.FosterJamesAble Seaman14-06-1866Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb)
Click for Profile.AdamsJohn JamesSteward10-02-1859Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.AdeneyJohn Henry (Harry)Sub-Lieutenant30-10-1862Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.AitkenThomas Washington 20-07-1864HMCS Victoria Crew
Click for Profile.AllardCharlesChief E R Artificer00-08-1861Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.AllenJ.  Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.AndersonAndrewAble Seaman31-01-1866Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb)
Click for Profile.AndersonWilliam Ackland DouglasCommandant31-10-1829Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.AtkinG.   
Click for Profile.BassettWalter ThomasYeoman of Signals21-04-1866Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.BatesJohn ArthurLieutenant Commander20-03-1852Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.Bates   Naval Brigade - Williamstown
Click for Profile.BatesI. A.  Naval Brigade - Williamstown
Click for Profile.BatesWilliam HenryAble Seaman23-02-1877Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.BennetThomasEngineer31-01-1826Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.BertottoWilliam ThomasAble Seaman25-12-1864 
Click for Profile.BeverleyJoseph DavidSteward22-07-1874Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.BiddlecombeJohnEngineer01-11-1868Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.BlackerJoseph 00-00-1856Nelson Boy
Click for Profile.BlairJohn ErskineChief Gunner15-11-1854Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.BondGeorgeAble Seaman Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.BorthwickR. jnr  Naval Brigade
Click for Profile.BorthwickR.Able Seaman Naval Brigade
Click for Profile.BowdenJames CharlesSecond Gunner29-09-1844Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.BowenG.  Naval Brigade - Williamstown
Click for Profile.BreaksJames LenoxFleet Engineer02-04-1848Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.BrennanPeter JosephWardroom Steward00-00-1844Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.BuggRobertAble Seaman22-08-1837Nelson Delivery Crew
Click for Profile.BungaleneThomasSeaman00-00-1847Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.BurfordOliver Lambert AlanChief Warrant Officer07-01-1860Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.BurnhamCharles Robert 28-06-1872 
Click for Profile.BurnhamGeorge 12-05-1843Volunteer Naval Brigade - Sandridge
Click for Profile.ButtleJ.  Naval Brigade
Click for Profile.CaithnessJames Robertson 21-10-1832Volunteer Naval Brigade - Williamstown
Click for Profile.Calloway   Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.CampbellI.  Naval Brigade - Williamstown
Click for Profile.CarpenterHenry Thomas1st Class Petty Officer00-12-1856Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.CeruttyRichard William 18-12-1835Volunteer Naval Brigade - Williamstown
Click for Profile.ChapmanE.  Naval Brigade
Click for Profile.ClaringbouldHorace SidneyGunner01-02-1861Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.ClarkWilliamLieutenant Engineer00-00-1850Naval Brigade
Click for Profile.CockleJohn WilliamGunner Instructor27-05-1841Naval Brigade - Pt. Melbourne
Click for Profile.ColensoT. M.  Naval Brigade
Click for Profile.CollinsRobert Henry MuirheadLieutenant20-09-1852Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.ColquhounWilliam JarvieLieutenant Commander19-02-1859Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.ConderJames BryantAble Seaman15-06-1872Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.CookerThomasChief Petty Officer29-05-1838Naval Reserve
Click for Profile.CosterHenryShip's Steward15-12-1855Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.CrawleyR.  Naval Brigade
Click for Profile.CreswellWilliam RookeCaptain01-01-1852Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.CurrerAndrewYeoman Signaller29-04-1873Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.CutlerJohn Henry WilliamDispenser (SBA)10-07-1860Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.DannAugustus Cardigan FrederickChief Torpedo Gunner00-00-1839Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.Darch   Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.DennisGeorge FreakCommander00-00-1845Naval Reserve
Click for Profile.DuckworthN.  Naval Brigade
Click for Profile.DuckworthRichard 21-12-1853Naval Brigade
Click for Profile.DunnJohn WilliamAble Seaman29-01-1871Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.Eastley    
Click for Profile.Eldridge   Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.EmeryHenryYeoman of Signals16-03-1873R.A.N.
Click for Profile.EsmoreFrancisAble Seaman28-05-1841Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.FeakesHenry James1st Lieutenant00-00-1876Commonwealth Naval Forces
Click for Profile.Felair   Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.FlowersWilliam Arthur2nd Class Petty Officer16-10-1851Naval Brigade - Williamstown
Click for Profile.FordN?  Naval Brigade - Williamstown
Click for Profile.ForsythWilliam A.Chief Engineer22-03-1849Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.Foxburghe Gunner Naval Brigade - Williamstown
Click for Profile.Frazier-RoxburghWilliam JamesDrill Instructor23-02-1835Naval Brigade
Click for Profile.FreemanWilliam MorrisStoker23-02-1859Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.FullartonRobert RussellCaptain00-00-1829Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb)
Click for Profile.FullerRobert 17-02-1848Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb)
Click for Profile.GarlickT.  Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.GodingThomas WilliamChief Petty Officer27-07-1863Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.GreenfieldJamesEngineer Naval Brigade
Click for Profile.GriesFrederick Charles RobertAble Seaman22-11-1862 
Click for Profile.GuiverThomasShip's Steward00-01-1853Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.HaleGeorge ArthurAble Seaman10-04-1867Naval Brigade - Williamstown
Click for Profile.HandfieldFrederick OliverLieutenant15-04-1830Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.HarrisFrederick William ValentineAble Seaman18-03-1877Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.Harron Warrant Officer Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.HaydonThomasCook01-05-1868Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.HayesEdwardChief Gunner17-03-1849Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb)
Click for Profile.HearnW?  Naval Brigade - Williamstown
Click for Profile.HeathHerbert LeopoldLieutenant30-12-1861Royal Navy
Click for Profile.Hersh   Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.HolmesCharles EdwardBoy27-06-1883Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.HoneyCharles MaxfieldAble Seaman Naval Brigade - Williamstown
Click for Profile.HorneW.  Naval Brigade
Click for Profile.HoustonAlexander MuirElectrician00-00-1857Naval Torpedo Corps
Click for Profile.IshnoonI.  Naval Brigade - Williamstown
Click for Profile.JamesEbenezerChaplain11-03-1841Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.JamesWilliamStoker14-03-1862Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.JamiesonJohn EdwinAble Seaman22-01-1864Naval Brigade - Williamstown
Click for Profile.JasperJamesAble Seaman00-00-1856Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.Jones   Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.JonesChristopher ThomasGunner13-08-1847Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb)
Click for Profile.JonesHubert HarryPaymaster Commander00-00-1861Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.KearnsRobertChief Gunner22-10-1854Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.KelsoEdwardAble Seaman26-01-1873Naval Brigade - Williamstown
Click for Profile.ElsoEdwardAble Seaman26-02-1873Naval Brigade - Williamstown
Click for Profile.KingsfordHenry CoareCommander Royal Navy
Click for Profile.LawsonJohn Augustus 00-00-1844Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.LayCharles EdwardGunner10-02-1869Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.LiddleRobert CrammondEngineer00-00-1852Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.LivingstoneArthur JamesEngine Room Artificer15-05-1877Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.LivingstoneJames 00-00-1852Government Vessels
Click for Profile.LofstenWilliam (Snowy)Leading seaman19-03-1881Commonwealth Naval Forces
Click for Profile.MacKenzieJames PattonAble Seaman18-06-1865 
Click for Profile.MandevilleColebrooke ThomasCaptain00-02-1844Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.ManganJosephStoker02-03-1869Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.ManganDenisLieutenant00-00-1837Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.MannWilliam Frederick StanleyCaptain21-06-1846Royal Navy
Click for Profile.MartinP.  Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.MayWilliam  Volunteer Naval Brigade - Sandridge
Click for Profile.McAllisterJames AlfredAble Seaman06-01-1855Naval Brigade - Williamstown
Click for Profile.McGrotty   Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.McIntyrePeterAble Seaman04-05-1855Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.McKeenanH  Naval Torpedo Corps
Click for Profile.McLean    
Click for Profile.McNaughtonJohn GeorgeStoker24-12-1870Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.McPhersonDuncanAble Seaman31-01-1862Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb)
Click for Profile.MilesJohn BenjaminTorpedo Artificer00-08-1859Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.MillerRobert JohnstoneSub-Lieutenant11-03-1854Naval Reserve/Brigade
Click for Profile.MonteithWilliam George1st class Petty Officer17-09-1864Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.MooneyThomas ElliottChief Petty Officer30-10-1859Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.MooreHenry (Black Harry)Able Seaman00-00-1830Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb)
Click for Profile.MorganE.  Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.MorganJamesAble Seaman19-02-1860Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb)
Click for Profile.MoronePhilip1st Class Petty Officer00-00-1841Naval Brigade - Williamstown
Click for Profile.MorrisFrank RichardAble Seaman18-01-1878Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.NevilleGeorgeCaptain00-00-1850Royal Navy
Click for Profile.NewgreenRobert 02-11-1842Naval Reserve - Williamstown
Click for Profile.NewingStephen1st Class Petty Officer16-03-1834Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.NorgateJohn William ThomasSeaman26-01-1845HMCS Victoria Crew
Click for Profile.NorgateJohn CurtisCoxwain00-00-1815HMCS Victoria Crew
Click for Profile.NormanWilliam HenryCommander00-03-1812Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.O'TooleJohnAble Seaman16-05-1859Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.OvendenJames JosephPetty Officer00-00-1831Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.PanterHenry WilliamCaptain00-00-1841Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.PascoCrawford Atchison DenmanCaptain Royal Navy
Click for Profile.PayneCharles BradneyCaptain Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.PeerlessJohnChief Petty Officer21-10-1839Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.PelhamFrederick SydneyCommander RN Royal Navy
Click for Profile.PetersonFrederick BurnsAble Seaman00-00-1842Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb)
Click for Profile.PetersonJames Philip CullifordArtificer  
Click for Profile.PodestaRomeo GaribaldiCook29-08-1862Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.PopeW.  Naval Brigade
Click for Profile.PoundJames ThomasGunner & Carpenter00-00-1828Naval Reserve/Brigade
Click for Profile.PrideauxGeorgeArmourer18-06-1872Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.PurlissJ.  Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.RatleyPeterLeading Stoker00-00-1846Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.SearlePeter 00-00-1846 
Click for Profile.RaymondWilliamGunner00-00-1836Naval Reserve
Click for Profile.RaynerHenrySeaman31-08-1845Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.Richards   Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.RichardsonJohn TracyLieutenant Commander30-10-1862Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.RichardsonAlfredAble Seaman Naval Brigade - Williamstown
Click for Profile.Richardson Warrant Officer Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.RobertsHarryEngine Room Artificer Cerberus Delivery Crew
Click for Profile.RobertsonWilliam GeorgeEngineer13-01-1854Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.RobertsonWilliamWarrant Officer11-05-1866Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.RockeyJohn  Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.RowePeter H.Bosun00-00-1820Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.SalmonPhillip Melville 07-07-1849 
Click for Profile.Sampson Warrant Officer Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.SargoodFrederick ThomasDefence Minister00-00-1834Victorian Government
Click for Profile.ScottJohn LaidlawLieutenant00-00-1841Naval Reserve/Brigade
Click for Profile.SeabridgeTomGunner00-00-1843Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.ShapnerWilliam HenryAble Seaman18-05-1872Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.SharpAndrew Calderwood JohnstonTraining Seaman02-01-1865Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.SheafStephen JamesAble Seaman17-09-1863Naval Brigade - Williamstown
Click for Profile.Sheridan   Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.ShillinglawJohn JosephSub Inspector00-00-1831Sir Harry Smith Crew
Click for Profile.SimsArthur J.Able Seaman00-00-1859Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.Sinclair   Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.SmithA.  Naval Brigade
Click for Profile.SmithG.  Naval Brigade
Click for Profile.SmithSamuelBoy 2nd Class04-03-1844Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.SmithW.  Naval Brigade
Click for Profile.SpenceJohn McIntoshEngineer26-11-1854Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.SpenceAlbert Enverdale 21-07-1886Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.StaffordHenry Cohen 00-00-1860Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.StephensonAndrew GeorgeAble Seaman09-11-1872Naval Brigade - Williamstown
Click for Profile.StephensFrankChief Stoker25-08-1856Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.StewartGeorgeAble Seaman26-01-1866Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.StoneGeorge ThomasChief Gunner30-09-1857Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.SuttonH. P.Paymaster Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.SweetingC.  Naval Brigade - Williamstown
Click for Profile.SynnotAlfred James  Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.TandyGeorge PhilipLieutenant26-02-1837Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.TaylorG.  Naval Brigade
Click for Profile.TaylorJ. C.  Naval Brigade
Click for Profile.TempleRobertChief Carpenter01-12-1863Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.ThomasAlan BroderickCaptain24-02-1844Royal Navy
Click for Profile.ThompsonJohnLieutenant Engineer Naval Brigade
Click for Profile.ThompsonJames ArthurPaymaster06-01-1847Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.TickellFrederick WilliamCaptain07-03-1859Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.TreacyAlfred MartinPaymaster28-04-1869Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.UnderwoodWalter1st class Petty Officer27-04-1864Naval Brigade - Williamstown
Click for Profile.VaughanRichard T.Chief Petty Officer00-00-1850Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.VealeRichard StanleyCommander00-00-1893Commonwealth Naval Forces
Click for Profile.WatkinsWilliam HenryStoker00-00-1875Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.WatsonJohnArmourer09-01-1850Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.WatsonH. R.  Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.WheelhouseJ.Able Seaman Naval Brigade - Williamstown
Click for Profile.WhiteRichard WilliamCaptain Royal Navy
Click for Profile.WhiteJohnChief Armourer03-10-1851Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.WhiteJohnGunner27-07-1865Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.WickingJ?  Naval Brigade - Williamstown
Click for Profile.WilksT.  Naval Brigade
Click for Profile.WilliamsEdward JohnsonSurgeon22-10-1842Naval Brigade

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* 1853 is given as the commencement date for the Victorian Navy as this is the year that Commander Lockyer (RN) went to Britain to superintend the building of HMCS Victoria.
Although the Victorian Navy ended in 1901 the career of Cerbeus etc continued. In 1910 the new ships started arriving & manning levels increased.

Information & photographs of men who served in the Victorian Naval Forces is eagerly sought. Please contact the webmaster.