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Victorian Naval Forces Muster

for the Colony of Victoria. (muster range 1853-1910)*
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 Last Name:First Name:Rank: Birth Date: Branch:Image:
Click for Profile.JoelC. H.Sub Lieutenant Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.BeadleAlfred  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.MenziesDavid  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.AsherJames  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.DaviesRobert  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.McLeodDuncan  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.NicklesHenry  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.RochMartin  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.HockingThomas  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.CampbellAllen  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.PurdyAlfred  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.MorrisonArchibald  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.StanleyAlfred  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.JonesWilliam  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.AttenboroughThomas  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.WilliamsRichard  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.HarrisJohn S.  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.CoolmanJoseph  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.LaneJoseph  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.SeggieRobert  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.GatesEdwin  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.BakerAlfred  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.FurlongThomas  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.HareWilliam  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.KenyonJoseph  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.RobertsCharles  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.BaisereWilliam  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.WilsonAlfred  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.McGahanCharles  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.SymonsJames  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.CurrieRobert  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.WilsonIsaac  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.CurtisHenry CharlesAssistant Surgeon Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.RamsayGeorge CairdSub-Lieutenant Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.CarrollJohnAble Seaman Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.VernorHenry R.Private Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.NelsonFrederick ThomasSub-Lieutenant Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.Richardson Able Seaman Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.Lang Able Seaman Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.Owen Able Seaman Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.Baker Able Seaman Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.McDonald Able Seaman Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.TableyWilliamAble Seaman Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.McNabDonald  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.SheriffJohnBoy Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.MahlerWilliam AdolphElectrician Naval Torpedo Corps 
Click for Profile.HoustonAlexander MuirElectrician00-00-1857Naval Torpedo Corps
Click for Profile.DoyleJames DrummondElectrician Naval Torpedo Corps 
Click for Profile.SchrieberHenryElectrician Naval Torpedo Corps 
Click for Profile.MurrayKynaston LanthropChief Electrician Naval Torpedo Corps 
Click for Profile.BeattyThomas JohnElectrician Naval Torpedo Corps 
Click for Profile.HolmesWilliam AlfredSub-Lieutenant Naval Torpedo Corps 
Click for Profile.McKeenanH  Naval Torpedo Corps
Click for Profile.GraingerT.  Naval Training Ship Crew 
Click for Profile.BlackerJoseph 00-00-1856Nelson Boy
Click for Profile.BuggRobertAble Seaman22-08-1837Nelson Delivery Crew
Click for Profile.WhiterArthur Parsons 00-00-1849Nelson Delivery Crew 
Click for Profile.WarburtonPiers E.Midshipman Nelson Delivery Crew 
Click for Profile.WemyssRobert J.Chief Engineer04-11-1828Nelson Delivery Crew 
Click for Profile.JagoEdwinPaymaster Nelson Delivery Crew 
Click for Profile.LewisEdwardEngineer Nelson Delivery Crew 
Click for Profile.StoneWilliamEngineer Nelson Delivery Crew 
Click for Profile.RastrickJosephEngineer Nelson Delivery Crew 
Click for Profile.BrandThomas S.Sub-Lieutenant Nelson Delivery Crew 
Click for Profile.MacLaurinHenry M.Surgeon Nelson Delivery Crew 
Click for Profile.CopeThomas E. B.Navigating Sub-Lieutenant Nelson Delivery Crew 
Click for Profile.AdamsH. P.Midshipman Nelson Delivery Crew 
Click for Profile.PellyR.Midshipman Nelson Delivery Crew 
Click for Profile.WarrenJ. B.Midshipman Nelson Delivery Crew 
Click for Profile.LangdonFrederick G. C.Midshipman Nelson Delivery Crew 
Click for Profile.AthertonWilliam C.Midshipman Nelson Delivery Crew 
Click for Profile.BremerJames. G.Naval Cadet Nelson Delivery Crew 
Click for Profile.StaceyWilliam 00-00-1855Nelson Delivery Crew 
Click for Profile.EmeryHenryYeoman of Signals16-03-1873R.A.N.
Click for Profile.HannafordStanley 20-04-1882R.A.N. 
Click for Profile.BoydW.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.JohnsonThomas FrancisWarrant Officer Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.EldridgeR.Chief Petty Officer Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.LastH.Petty Officer Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.WilliamsonT.  Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.NelsonP.Petty Officer Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.StabellD.Petty Officer Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.ByrneS.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.GibsonR.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.PetersonA.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.PetersonR.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.CampbellJ.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.AitkinG.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.DorganD.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.HydeA.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.ErryR.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.HamptonR.Petty Officer Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.HenwoodJ.Leading Stoker Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.StaffordT.Leading Stoker Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.MaddenJ.Stoker Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.FordJ.Stoker Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.JacksonH.Gunner Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.ThompsonC.Petty Officer Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.AmeryJ.Petty Officer Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.HoesleyW.Petty Officer Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.McIloryJ.Petty Officer Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.JohnsonJ.Petty Officer Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.VineB.Petty Officer Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.BlandC.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.HossackA.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.BakerH.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.GarlickE.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.MurphyD.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.JohnsonJ.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.PetersonP.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.RobertsonJ.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.JonesR.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.LewisT.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.BuckleyT.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.PetersonF.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.HoustonJ.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.ConnorT.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.DonahueH.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.GreenR.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.WilliamsJ.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.WalterW.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.MeiskeF.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.WilliamsE.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.MakinsA.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.AndersonH.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.MoxonJ.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.WyallR.Able Seaman Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.DrewittJames M.Chief Gunner00-00-1850Royal Navy 
Click for Profile.GrovesRobert SamuelGunner00-00-1837Royal Navy 
Click for Profile.KingsfordHenry CoareCommander Royal Navy
Click for Profile.MannWilliam Frederick StanleyCaptain21-06-1846Royal Navy
Click for Profile.NevilleGeorgeCaptain00-00-1850Royal Navy
Click for Profile.PelhamFrederick SydneyCommander RN Royal Navy
Click for Profile.RichardsOliverChief Gunner Royal Navy 
Click for Profile.SmithJohnChief Gunner Royal Navy 
Click for Profile.ThomasAlan BroderickCaptain24-02-1844Royal Navy
Click for Profile.StanleyHenry JamesCaptain Royal Navy 
Click for Profile.WhiteRichard WilliamCaptain Royal Navy
Click for Profile.Hely-HutchinsonPatrick MauriceTorpedo Lieutenant RN27-04-1855Royal Navy 
Click for Profile.MessumStuart Victor Seymour CraigieLieutenant-Commander RN Royal Navy 
Click for Profile.HeathHerbert LeopoldLieutenant30-12-1861Royal Navy
Click for Profile.HamiltonJames de CourcyLieutenant Commander00-00-1860Royal Navy 
Click for Profile.HayJames BedfordCommander Royal Navy 
Click for Profile.ChristianArthur HLieutenant Royal Navy 
Click for Profile.PascoCrawford Atchison DenmanCaptain Royal Navy
Click for Profile.RussellW. F. A. H.Commander Royal Navy 
Click for Profile.Armond Captain Royal Navy 
Click for Profile.KayJoseph HenryCaptain Royal Navy 
Click for Profile.PoundsR.Gunner Royal Navy 
Click for Profile.SheppardEdwardPetty Officer Sir Harry Smith Crew 
Click for Profile.WhammondWilliam G. 01-01-1854Sir Harry Smith Crew 
Click for Profile.ShillinglawJohn JosephSub Inspector00-00-1831Sir Harry Smith Crew
Click for Profile.JoyceMichael1st Class Constable Sir Harry Smith Crew 
Click for Profile.MintoAlexander2nd Class Constable Sir Harry Smith Crew 
Click for Profile.CrossmanJohn2nd Class Constable Sir Harry Smith Crew 
Click for Profile.CrawfordWilliamInspector / Lieutenant Sir Harry Smith Crew 
Click for Profile.McNealAlexActing Sergeant Sir Harry Smith Crew 
Click for Profile.JoyceJohnCook00-00-1839Sir Harry Smith Crew 
Click for Profile.BryantRichard  Sir Harry Smith Crew 
Click for Profile.MarquisJohn  Sir Harry Smith Crew 
Click for Profile.Bell Acting Sergeant Sir Harry Smith Crew 
Click for Profile.Eastman Acting Sergeant Sir Harry Smith Crew 
Click for Profile.Goff Acting Sergeant Sir Harry Smith Crew 
Click for Profile.Hodgson Acting Sergeant Sir Harry Smith Crew 
Click for Profile.Gordon Acting Sergeant Sir Harry Smith Crew 
Click for Profile.Hook Sergeant Sir Harry Smith Crew 
Click for Profile.Mott Constable Sir Harry Smith Crew 
Click for Profile.Jones Constable Sir Harry Smith Crew 
Click for Profile.McKenzie Constable Sir Harry Smith Crew 
Click for Profile.Harris Constable Sir Harry Smith Crew 
Click for Profile.Clements Constable Sir Harry Smith Crew 
Click for Profile.Harvey Boat Officer Sir Harry Smith Crew 
Click for Profile.Band Constable Sir Harry Smith Crew 
Click for Profile.Brown Constable Sir Harry Smith Crew 
Click for Profile.Tiffany Constable Sir Harry Smith Crew 
Click for Profile.NorthcoteHarvey2nd Class Constable Sir Harry Smith Crew 
Click for Profile.JonesHoward2nd Class Constable Sir Harry Smith Crew 
Click for Profile.McRitchieJamesConstable Sir Harry Smith Crew 
Click for Profile.PhillipsHenry2nd Class Constable Sir Harry Smith Crew 
Click for Profile.Taylor Constable Sir Harry Smith Crew 
Click for Profile.Drodge Constable Sir Harry Smith Crew 
Click for Profile.Nixon Boat Officer Sir Harry Smith Crew 
Click for Profile.Caldwell Constable Sir Harry Smith Crew 
Click for Profile.WitcherJamesSergeant Sir Harry Smith Crew 
Click for Profile.HodgettsEdwardSub-Inspector Sir Harry Smith Crew 
Click for Profile.HarveyHenry1st Class Sergeant Sir Harry Smith Crew 
Click for Profile.LeekCharles2nd Class Constable Sir Harry Smith Crew 
Click for Profile.WitcherJames2nd Class Constable Sir Harry Smith Crew 
Click for Profile.SargoodFrederick ThomasDefence Minister00-00-1834Victorian Government
Click for Profile.BarnesWilliamLeading Seaman00-00-1849Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.BassettWalter ThomasYeoman of Signals21-04-1866Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.BatesJohn ArthurLieutenant Commander20-03-1852Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.Berndt Midshipman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.BerryDennisAble Seaman15-08-1864Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.BiddlecombeJohnEngineer01-11-1868Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.BlairJohn ErskineChief Gunner15-11-1854Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.BockJohn  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.BowdenJames CharlesSecond Gunner29-09-1844Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.BreaksJames LenoxFleet Engineer02-04-1848Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.Bigmore Able Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.BrownG. J.  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.BurfordOliver Lambert AlanChief Warrant Officer07-01-1860Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.ClaringbouldHorace SidneyGunner01-02-1861Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.ClaringbouldHorace1st Class Petty Officer30-08-1839Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ClarkeHenry R.Leading Stoker00-00-1832Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CollinsRobert Henry MuirheadLieutenant20-09-1852Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.ColquhounWilliam JarvieLieutenant Commander19-02-1859Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.Cooper Gunnery Officer Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CosterHenryShip's Steward15-12-1855Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.CreswellWilliam RookeCaptain01-01-1852Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.CurrerAndrewYeoman Signaller29-04-1873Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.DavisWilliam MarboroughP.O. Stoker31-07-1857Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.EriksonJohn 00-00-1851Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.EvansCharlesAble Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ForsbergCharles GeorgePetty Officer00-00-1854Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ForsythWilliam A.Chief Engineer22-03-1849Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.FraserWilliamAble Seaman11-07-1869Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.FrogleyJoseph John WilliamLieutenant01-10-1829Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.GibbsAlbert ArthurBoy17-04-1883Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.GoughThomas BunburyLieutenant00-00-1844Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.GumbRichardAble Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.GuinaneMichaelStoker00-00-1838Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HardingG. J.Able Seaman00-00-1856Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HarrowAlexanderChief Engineer Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HeathcoteWilliam EustaceLieutenant Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HendersonLeslie  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HunterJamesAble Seaman00-00-1846Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HuysmansEdward JosephFleet Engineer00-00-1843Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.InglisDavid GordonGunner 2nd Class16-04-1863Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.JamisonJames CrosbieLeading Stoker04-04-1860Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.JasperJamesAble Seaman00-00-1856Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.JohnssonAugustAble Seaman00-00-1848Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.KearnsRobertChief Gunner22-10-1854Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.KennedyJohnChief Petty Officer00-00-1833Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.LambWilliamStoker22-06-1866Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.LawsonJohn1st class Petty Officer Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.LennonJames W.Engineer Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.LeslieHendersonChief Engineer00-00-1831Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.LyleJohnAble Seaman01-08-1879Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MacanJ. J.Surgeon Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MandevilleColebrooke ThomasCaptain00-02-1844Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.HardingCharlesCarpenter & Joiner00-07-1884Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SymperJackAble Seaman14-08-1868Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.AndersonChris HenryCarpenter's Mate Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.GammonJamesLeading Stoker Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.QuarrierThomasQuartermaster Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HenryWilliams  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.LamingWilliam F.Able Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CarterFrederick  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MartinGeorgeFireman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SmithCharles  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.BoydJames  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.DaddCharles  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WatsonEdward  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ThompsonWilliam  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McRaeJohnAble Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.DavisJenkin  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.LawsonEdward  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.PottsJohn  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McAlpineAlexander  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.StrainerHenry  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.KissickRobert  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SheaJames  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.NorgateHenry 03-08-1847Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.TurnerFrancis Hamilton BeadonLieutenant Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ChambersDouglas2nd Officer & Sub-Inspector Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ArnoldAlfred2nd Engineer Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HendonGeorgeAble Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McKellarHughAble Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WilsonGeorgeAble Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McKayJamesAble Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ManganJosephStoker02-03-1869Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.MansonDavid William 00-00-1877Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MartinP.  Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.McDiarmidDonaldChief Petty Officer05-08-1854Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McNeillJohn 00-00-1847Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MonteithWilliam George1st class Petty Officer17-09-1864Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.MooneyThomas ElliottChief Petty Officer30-10-1859Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.MorganAlexanderChief Engineer Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.NevilleMichael1st class Petty Officer00-00-1838Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.NewingStephen1st Class Petty Officer16-03-1834Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.NormanWilliam HenryCommander00-03-1812Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.O'BrienEdwardCarpenter Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.O'SullivanDominic FrancisSeaman19-06-1893Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.OgilvieJ.Gunner Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ThompsonJ.Leading Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SharpAndrew Calderwood JohnstonTraining Seaman02-01-1865Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.PanterHenry WilliamCaptain00-00-1841Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.PatchettWilliam StanserSick Berth Steward03-08-1869Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.PeerlessJohnChief Petty Officer21-10-1839Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.PetersonFrederickArtificer00-00-1890Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.PrideauxGeorgeArmourer18-06-1872Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.PrideauxJohnGunner28-06-1835Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ProctorMichaelSeaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.RasmassenChristian MartinAble Seaman15-08-1864Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.RichardsonJohn TracyLieutenant Commander30-10-1862Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.RobertsWilliamSeaman00-00-1866Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.RobertsonWilliam GeorgeEngineer13-01-1854Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.RobertsonWilliamWarrant Officer11-05-1866Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.SalmonLancelot ByrnePetty Officer Stoker22-01-1853Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SaundersonRichard  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SeabridgeTomGunner00-00-1843Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.SnellingJohnAble Seaman00-00-1842Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SpenceJohn McIntoshEngineer26-11-1854Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.StephensFrankChief Stoker25-08-1856Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.StewartCharles AlfredChief Surgeon28-10-1855Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.StoneGeorge ThomasChief Gunner30-09-1857Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.MorrisonA.Signalman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.TandyGeorge PhilipLieutenant26-02-1837Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.TempleRobertChief Carpenter01-12-1863Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.ThompsonJames ArthurPaymaster06-01-1847Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.ThompsonJohnLeading Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.TickellFrederick WilliamCaptain07-03-1859Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.TimberleyHarryAble Seaman00-00-1849Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.TreacyAlfred MartinPaymaster28-04-1869Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.AndersonCharles HenryCarpenter's Mate00-00-1853Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.AldridgeGeorgeAble Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.JonesRichardSteward 2nd Class10-05-1870Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.JordanRichardBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.RobertsJosephCook00-00-1852Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MooreBenjamin SamuelChief Petty Officer00-00-1860Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.PriceEdwardSeaman00-00-1854Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CabotPhilipAble Seaman/Constable Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CarrJohnConstable Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.AdamsJohnAble Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WoodAdolpheArmourer Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HeathJohnAble Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ElliotJohn  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ReidJamesAble Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MallardFrederickAble Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WilliamsHenryQuartermaster Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.LucasThomas2nd Steward Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SimpsonDavidAble Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MaynardAnthony E.Sergeant Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.DavisWilliamConstable Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.GabrielRichardConstable Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McDiedMichaelConstable Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ArthurJohnConstable Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.LobbThomasConstable Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.FletcherJohnConstable Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.DavisJohnConstable Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.DearJamesConstable Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.TomlinDanielConstable Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MorrisonDanielConstable Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.RobertsLewisConstable Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.RogersFrederickAble Seaman00-00-1831Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ForbesGeorge  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ParkerJohnAble Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.AngoldJohn  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WilsonWilliam R.  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SilkeJohn Hurley 00-00-1831Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.TubbJames HenryChief Warrant Officer00-00-1833Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.VaughanRichard T.Chief Petty Officer00-00-1850Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.WittonHenryLeading Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.StephensFrancisLeading Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ThompsonJohnLeading Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SampherWilliamLeading Stoker00-01-1854Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MillsJohnTorpedo Artificer Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McLeodWilliamAble Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McGowanJohnWard Room Steward Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.LeamanThomasAble Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.GiraultGilbert CharlesAble Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.GammonSamuelCarpenter & Joiner Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.FroudAlfredBoiler Maker Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CrockerGeorgePetty Officer 1st Class Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WatsonJamesSeaman09-01-1855Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WhiteJohnGunner27-07-1865Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.WhiteThomas  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WilkeJamesAble Seaman00-00-1854Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WilliamsR.  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WyllysWyllys HarveySub-Lieutenant00-00-1848Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.BrennanPeter JosephWardroom Steward00-00-1844Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.IngramEdwardAble Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CalloghanFrancisAble Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.DavisJohnAble Seaman00-00-1856Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ClarkeG.Able Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.JonesEdwardAble Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CampbellJohnAble Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CooperScott  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.PebblesJ.Stoker Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.BremnerJames B.Able Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.FrancisWilliam SAble Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McLeodDuncanAble Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HunterJohn  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Webster Engineer Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.RileyJ.Able Seaman00-00-1867Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.LedieR.Able Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.LakeJames AndrewPO Leading Stoker07-11-1861Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Rodgers Carpenter Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HarmonALeading Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Lig***E  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.NagleR.  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MillarR  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MaherJ.Stoker Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Buchanan Leading Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Kerr   Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.RichardsRobertLeading Stoker Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.O'HalloranJ.Ordinary Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.JonesPaul  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.StevensonArchibald  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.RickardIsaac  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.BevanGeorgeStoker Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.EarlAlfredWardroom Steward Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.RiddleJamesEngineer Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HiddleJamesEngineer Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.StalkerJ. L.Lieutenant Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.YoungFrancisAble Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.LaneWalterSub Lieutenant Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.TolputtRonald Charles  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ReardonHarryGunner's Mate25-02-1859Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Ginaff Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.FeyErnestSub Lieutenant Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.GauntGuy Reginald A.Lieutenant Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.BuckA. C.Sub-Lieutenant Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.DannAugustus Cardigan FrederickChief Torpedo Gunner00-00-1839Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.Wilkinson Lieutenant Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Parnel Captain Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.JacksonWilliam 00-00-1852Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.StevensEdward SladenPetty Officer00-00-1865Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Heinbackel Paymaster Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.PattersonH.Gunner Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.StoneJoseph2nd Officer Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McNab Engineer Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.JohnsonJ. S.Engineer Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Jackson Gunner Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.FryEdwardGunner00-00-1848Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.StewartJ. C.Senior Medical Officer Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Harrison Midshipman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Denma Lieutenant Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.BeverleyJoseph DavidSteward22-07-1874Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.BuryArthur HopeLeading seaman29-05-1867Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ComptonAlbert O'ConnellAble Seaman18-11-1870Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ConnellBenjaminAble Seaman10-01-1871Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CooperHenry WilliamsonAble Seaman00-00-1868Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CummingsJ.Able Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.DorganJ.Able Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.DunnJohn WilliamAble Seaman29-01-1871Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.McGuirkJamesSteward 1st Class Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.FitzpatrickMoses1st class Petty Officer02-09-1862Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.FrancombeThomas BowditchAble Seaman28-07-1864Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.FreemanWilliam MorrisStoker23-02-1859Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.GodingThomas WilliamChief Petty Officer27-07-1863Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.GrantDonaldAble Seaman12-11-1864Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HarrisFrederick William ValentineAble Seaman18-03-1877Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.HolmesCharles EdwardBoy27-06-1883Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.IronsWilliam Henry JohnSignalman04-11-1872Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.JacksonF.Able Seaman00-00-1871Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.JonesOwenPO Leading Stoker27-09-1870Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.KennedyWilliam AndersonLeading Stoker05-05-1867Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.KirbyW.Cook Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.AndersonWilliam 27-06-1880Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McCarthyJoseph MichaelAble Seaman12-09-1872Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McIntoshWilliamAble Seaman15-02-1866Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McKenzieMalcolm1st class Petty Officer31-12-1856Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McNaughtonJohn GeorgeStoker24-12-1870Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.MorrisFrank RichardAble Seaman18-01-1878Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.MorrisGriffithAble Seaman26-10-1876Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MorrisonNeilAble Seaman26-07-1868Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MurdockGeorgeStoker15-08-1862Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MuttonEdward Smith1st class Petty Officer14-04-1869Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.NugentArchibaldAble Seaman18-11-1864Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ParryWilliamLeading Stoker20-03-1859Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.PilgrimE. (G.)Able Seaman00-00-1863Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.RobertsJohnLeading seaman28-02-1868Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.RobertsonAlexanderAble Seaman14-07-1866Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.RocheS. (Thomas)Able Seaman10-03-1866Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.RogersWilliam MatthewPetty Officer Carpenter14-03-1870Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SheddonP. (William)Stoker11-03-1860Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SinclairAlexanderStoker07-01-1865Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.StonelySamuel (Herbert)Able Seaman10-07-1873Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SweetmanWilliam LambStoker22-06-1866Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.TyrrellJohn FrancisAble Seaman10-10-1868Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.VaryAlfred HenryEngine Room Artificer17-09-1870Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WatermanH.Able Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WalkerJohnPetty Officer Carpenter28-04-1856Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WhiteJohnSteward16-05-1865Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.YoungEdward Lawrence ThorntonAble Seaman03-01-1866Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.AuldHughShip's Carpenter00-00-1839Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MurrayMalcolmPetty Officer00-00-1864Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.StewartI. JohnStoker00-00-1852Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.BuseJAble Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SmithCharlesBoy00-00-1827Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.DoolanJohnSD Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McLeanAlexanderAble Seaman00-00-1857Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MarrN. W.SD Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MulhollandJohn PatrickAble Seaman07-08-1877Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McLoughlanF. M.LSR Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CannGeorgeChief Petty Officer00-05-1863Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HumeCharlesStoker Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SansomJames AlfredMaster At Arms00-00-1831Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ClappSeymourC.B.M.00-00-1867Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HannahJohnStoker00-00-1863Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CorriganHenryEngineer00-00-1850Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SimperJames/John EdmeadeAble Seaman14-08-1868Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SkinnerGLST Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.AllenJamesBandmaster00-00-1839Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WatsonJohnArmourer09-01-1850Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.PettersonHenry W.1st class Petty Officer00-00-1850Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HobsonJamesChief Leading Stoker00-00-1846Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.RodmanJamesAble seaman00-00-1865Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.EdwardsThomasStoker00-00-1858Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.BrownR.Able Seaman00-00-1861Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HartyMichaelSignalman20-02-1860Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WoolrichThomasChief Leading Stoker20-02-1844Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.AldridgeGeorge SamuelLeading Stoker00-00-1846Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.AlstonAlfredAble Seaman00-00-1863Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.AgardWilliamAble Seaman00-00-1855Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MarlowThomasAble Seaman00-00-1859Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McKenzieMalcolmAble Seaman00-00-1864Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.EdwardsThomasStoker00-00-1863Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.DunlopAlexanderChief Leading Stoker00-00-1832Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HandfieldFrederick OliverLieutenant15-04-1830Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.JamiesonArthurCaptain of Hold00-00-1834Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Allen Corporal Carpenter Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McDonaldFrancisGunners mate00-00-1839Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HarmonHenry JamesAble Seaman00-00-1867Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MichaelJohn1st class Petty Officer00-00-1842Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.RoachJoseph ECaptain's Mate00-00-1847Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HobsonJohnStoker00-00-1848Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.DrosenAugustLeading Stoker00-00-1848Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.JohnstonAugustGunner's Mate00-00-1850Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WilsonGeorgeStoker00-00-1844Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McLeodDonald Bain1st class Chief Petty Officer13-09-1865Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WestonJohnE R Artificer00-01-1860Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Nielson Chief Carpenter Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Lambton Lieutenant Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.BurfordArthur L. T.Lieutenant Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.GaskettGeorgeCaptain Fore Top Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.PattersonT. A.Surgeon Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.YoungJ.Leading Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.EsmoreFrancisAble Seaman28-05-1841Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.BungaleneThomasSeaman00-00-1847Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.SimpsonJohn  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.JonesHenryTraining Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SwaineRobertSteward 2nd class Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MooreB.Chief Petty Officer Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WatsonJamesBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ConderJames BryantAble Seaman15-06-1872Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.HarrisonArthurOfficers Servant01-10-1860Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SpargoJohnAble Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.AldridgeGeorge EdwardBoy12-07-1877Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.JamesEbenezerChaplain11-03-1841Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.HayJohnPetty Officer Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CutlerJohn Henry WilliamDispenser (SBA)10-07-1860Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.HayesJohnBoy00-00-1862Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HandsAlfredStoker10-06-1863Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WebsterDavidChief Engineer Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.RaynerHenrySeaman31-08-1845Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.JonesThomas Pickworth 00-00-1872Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Gann   Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WoodsThomasSeaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.JacksonFred  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.AdamsJohn JamesSteward10-02-1859Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.BarryDennisLeading Seaman15-08-1864Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CummingsW.Steward00-00-1881Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.PetersenH.Able Seaman00-00-1861Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.JacobsJoseph MurrayStoker00-00-1860Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.GabrielJamesAble Seaman03-02-1866Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.FitzgeraldJohnOrdinary Seaman00-00-1868Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.OgilvieD.Warrant Officer Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McLeodW.Chief Petty Officer Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CrittenCharles PierceChief Petty Officer00-12-1850Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.GamonS.Warrant Officer Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.JonesD.Lieutenant Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Michelson Petty Officer Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McInnesAngus W.BruceChief Petty Officer01-01-1864Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.NicolWChief Petty Officer Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CowlingWilliamAble Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HardingJohn  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WhitfordTomBugler Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HurstCharles George 01-08-1859Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.OvendenJames JosephPetty Officer00-00-1831Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.RockeyJohn  Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.Kelly Boy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SmithSamuelBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SynnotAlfred James  Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.HoodCharles ErnestSub-Lieutenant Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WalksJames WelbyAble Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.JamesWilliamStoker14-03-1862Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.AndersonWilliam Ackland DouglasCommandant31-10-1829Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.ManganDenisLieutenant00-00-1837Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.ThorpAlfred BeauStoker Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.GuiverThomasShip's Steward00-01-1853Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.SheenP.  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.JonesWilliamAble Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WatsonJohnAble Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Keely Lieutenant Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.BennetThomasEngineer31-01-1826Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.Knollys Lieutenant Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.NorrieJames  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McKailThompson John BaileyPaymaster00-00-1856Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.O'TooleJohnAble Seaman16-05-1859Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.RowePeter H.Bosun00-00-1820Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.MarshallHAble Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WhiteJohnChief Armourer03-10-1851Victorian Navy
Click for Profile.LawsonJames  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.EvansH.Leading Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CarpenterH.Able Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SmithA.Able Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McKinnonW.Able Seaman Victorian Navy 

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* 1853 is given as the commencement date for the Victorian Navy as this is the year that Commander Lockyer (RN) went to Britain to superintend the building of HMCS Victoria.
Although the Victorian Navy ended in 1901 the career of Cerbeus etc continued. In 1910 the new ships started arriving & manning levels increased.

Information & photographs of men who served in the Victorian Naval Forces is eagerly sought. Please contact the webmaster.