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Victorian Naval Forces Muster

for the Colony of Victoria. (muster range 1853-1910)*


Last Name:Cann
First Name:George
Rank:Chief Petty Officer
Birth Date: 00-05-1863
Branch:Victorian Navy

George Cann

Chief Petty Officer

More details on this person can be found in the Victorian Navy Certificates of Service This is a very large pdf file of 109 mb and takes 13 minutes to download with a 1.5 mbps internet connection.
died 30-1-1916
Victorian Navy Monument, Williamstown Cemetery
Erected by the Officers, Petty Officers and Men of the Permanent Naval Force of Victoria
In Memory of their Deceased Comrades
Large Monument surmounted by Large Anchor

Received a Long Sercice & Good Conduct Medal in 1902 - Long Service & Good Conduct Medals to the Permanent Members of the Royal Aystralian Navy 1902 to 1956, A.O. Chaffey, West Launceston, Tasmania.



A well-known instructor of the naval cadets will be missing from the drill room in the person of Chief Petty Officer George Cann, of the V.I.S., who had for some 47 years been connected with both the Imperial and Commonwealth arm of the naval service. For some six months he had been in ill-health, the result of an accident, and died at his home, Osborne street, on Sunday. He was a native of Chudleigh, Devonshire, and was 62 years of age. For sometime he had charge of the torpedo boat Countess of Hopetoun. In the Imperial service he had been attached at various times to the men-o'-war Cambridge, Vernon and Sapphire. He was a very conscientious officer and of unassuming disposition. At the commencement of the war he was injured through a collision of two boats in the bay.

The remains were interred on Tuesday afternoon in the local necropolis. Some 150 naval cadets, old shipmates and private mourners attended. The coffin was borne on a gun carriage covered with the Union Jack. Chief Instructor Crocker was in charge of the detachment. The Naval Reserve Band under Conductor Underwood played "The Dead March" along the line of route. A firing party under Chief Instructor Hatton lead the way with arms reversed. Captain F. Tickell, D.S.O., was one of the mourners Chief Gunner Fulton had command of the ceremonial. At the graveside the Rev. F. Lynch, M.A., read the burial service. The coffin was borne to its last resting place on the shoulders of Messrs. G. Dyson, W. Kennedy, Jamieson, Gammon, J. O'Meara and Fitzgerald. Mr T. Lonsdale had charge of the mortuary arrangements. Deceased leaves a widow, two sons and a daughter.

Williamstown Chronicle, 5 February 1916

* 1853 is given as the commencement date for the Victorian Navy as this is the year that Commander Lockyer (RN) went to Britain to superintend the building of HMCS Victoria.
Although the Victorian Navy ended in 1901 the career of Cerbeus etc continued. In 1910 the new ships started arriving & manning levels increased.

Information & photographs of men who served in the Victorian Naval Forces is eagerly sought. Please contact the webmaster.