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Victorian Naval Forces Muster

for the Colony of Victoria. (muster range 1853-1910)*
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 Last Name:First Name:Rank: Birth Date: Branch:Image:
Click for Profile.BeaumontFrederick William St PierreSeaman31-03-1866Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.BrownJoseph WilkinAble Seaman29-08-1864  
Click for Profile.BryanWilliam ArthurAble Seaman30-05-1877Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.CarterThomasAble Seaman16-01-1863  
Click for Profile.CunninghamCharles HenryAble Seaman22-07-1859  
Click for Profile.D'EltonGeorge WashingtonAble Seaman22-02-1864Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.EastwoodArthur ThomasAble Seaman18-03-1870Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.ElkinsGeorge HenryAble Seaman19-12-1872Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.EvansJohnLeading Seaman25-02-1857  
Click for Profile.FarringtonRobert HenryAble Seaman26-07-1864Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.FletcherHarold WilliamAble Seaman17-02-1878Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.FordFrederickAble Seaman25-08-1866Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.FredricksonCharles FrederickAble Seaman02-08-1859Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.GreerGeorgeAble Seaman05-04-1861  
Click for Profile.GriffithsEdward EvanAble Seaman28-04-1873Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HamertonRoger BockingStoker24-02-1864Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.HamptonRobert James BurtonLeading Seaman13-10-1862Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.HansenRobert Barbour1st Class Petty Officer18-12-1858Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.HansenRobert AlbertAble Seaman29-03-1858Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.HardingGeorge JohnAble Seaman10-09-1859Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HarrisS.Gunner Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HarveyCharles WilfredAble Seaman10-03-1868Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.HayesHarry JamesAble Seaman (Bugler)07-02-1881Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.HeadfordLouis MauriceAble Seaman05-08-1865Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.HearnWilliamGunner06-01-1858Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.HeffeyCornelius BlenhardAble Seaman24-12-1874Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.HenningsenHenryAble Seaman23-10-1853Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.HenwoodJohnAble Seaman04-09-1863Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.HoggJohn MorrisonAble Seaman23-09-1864Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.HooperRobert MichaelAble Seaman15-11-1867  
Click for Profile.HughesJoseph EdwardAble Seaman14-02-1861Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.HunterEdward Vernon JohnAble Seaman06-06-1872Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.JacksonAlfred FrederickAble Seaman01-10-1870  
Click for Profile.JonesThomas RichardAble Seaman10-09-1868Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.KeanHugh BernardGunner11-12-1868Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.KennyRobert GlasbyStoker Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.KingFrancisAble Seaman01-07-1874Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.LaingWilliamAble Seaman12-08-1859Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.LockHerbert BeachcroftAble Seaman25-08-1861Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.LuschErnestStoker21-06-1858  
Click for Profile.MacDonaldDonaldAble Seaman22-12-1863  
Click for Profile.MacDonaldAlexanderAble Seaman25-05-1870  
Click for Profile.MarwoodJohn HenryGunner23-10-1862  
Click for Profile.McConnelJohnAble Seaman17-05-1863Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.MckayAlexanderAble Seaman11-04-1870Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.MillerJamesAble Seaman24-07-1864  
Click for Profile.MontagueAlbert (William George)2nd Class Petty Officer14-01-1863Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.MuirJamesAble Seaman14-02-1860Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.NagelWilliam Charles FrederickAble Seaman04-12-1858Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.NelsonCharlesAble Seaman01-03-1859Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.NelsonJamesAble Seaman01-03-1874Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.NicholsRobert (Ernest)Able Seaman25-11-1857Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.O'NeillMichael JohnAble Seaman28-12-1872Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.PageCharles EdwardAble Seaman16-10-1874Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.PattersonWilliamStoker07-09-1877Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.PetersenSophus ChristianAble Seaman26-04-1861Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.PettersonLars Hjalmar1st Class Petty Officer12-11-1861Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.PikeCharles SamuelAble Seaman24-12-1868Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.PilgrimAlfred GeorgeAble Seaman11-08-1863  
Click for Profile.PillingEdwardStoker06-02-1870Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.PopeMarkAble Seaman01-12-1877Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.PopeWilliam HenryAble Seaman11-03-1874Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.QuinlanJohn JosephAble Seaman10-11-1862Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.RaeymaechersGerardAble Seaman05-05-1865Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.RasmussenChristian MariusAble Seaman25-12-1864  
Click for Profile.ReidRobert1st Class Petty Officer06-04-1866  
Click for Profile.RoachFrederick EdwardAble Seaman01-01-1865Volunteer Naval Brigade - Sandridge 
Click for Profile.SaesfieldJohn JosephAble Seaman28-02-1867  
Click for Profile.SilvesterJohn (Weston)Able-bodied Seaman18-10-1866  
Click for Profile.SladeWilliamAble Seaman24-12-1856Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.SmithJoseph WilliamAble Seaman03-12-1863  
Click for Profile.SmithThomas AlbertAble Seaman12-02-1865Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.SmithThomas JohnAble Seaman09-11-1854Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.StevensWilliam HenryAble Seaman31-03-1864Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.SummerfieldJohn Martin FrederickAble Seaman16-04-1862Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.TonkinJohn MitchellAble Seaman03-02-1866  
Click for Profile.WaltersGeorgeAble Seaman19-07-1860Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.WatsonJohnAble Seaman24-06-1860Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.WhiteJohn HenrySteward16-05-1867  
Click for Profile.WhitingAlfredAble Seaman11-10-1864Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.WilsonJohnAble Seaman16-03-1869Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.AndersonCharlesAble Seaman22-12-1852Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CroftsWilliam    
Click for Profile.KennedyP.Able Seaman Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.Miller Sub-Lieutenant   
Click for Profile.OgilvieC.Stoker Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.OverdonJames J.    
Click for Profile.QuaintinW. F.Able Seaman Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.RichardsJ.    
Click for Profile.ThomsonJohnAble Seaman   
Click for Profile.BennettJ.Engineer Naval Brigade 
Click for Profile.SmileyJ.Engineer Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.McGowanA.Engineer Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.CameronA.Engineer Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.OtterA. H.Lieutenant Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.KennisonJ. A.Surgeon Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SalmonH. R.Surgeon Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.EvansJoseph  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WhammondWilliam G. 01-01-1854Sir Harry Smith Crew 
Click for Profile.GrantRichardAble Seaman00-00-1823Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.KennedyD.Chief Quartermaster Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.KennedyG.Chief Quartermaster Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CareyM.Chief Leading Stoker Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CammG.Chief Petty Officer Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.DunlopA.1st Class Petty Officer Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CollinsT.Gunner Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.RichardsonG.1st Class Petty Officer Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.HorsleyW.1st Class Petty Officer Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.OwenRobert2nd Class Petty Officer Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.GodwinE.2nd Class Petty Officer Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.KellyW.Able Seaman Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.HossackA.Able Seaman Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.ClarkA.Able Seaman Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.KiddA.Able Seaman Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.MurnT.Able Seaman Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.HendricksonO.Able Seaman Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.BurnsW.Able Seaman Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.McArthurO.Able Seaman Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.SpiveyT.Able Seaman Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.DysonW.Able Seaman Naval Brigade 
Click for Profile.ClymaWalter Carne ClymeSub Lieutenant Naval Brigade 
Click for Profile.FayErnestSub Lieutenant Naval Brigade 
Click for Profile.LittleR.C.Engineer Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.JohnstoneA. J.  Naval Reserve - Sandridge 
Click for Profile.DunbarJ.  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ClarkJ.  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CoxJ.Assistant Surgeon Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.SmytheW. S.Assistant Surgeon Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.HobsonJ.Chief Leading Stoker Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WhittonH.Leading Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.JohnsonA.Able Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ReidR.1st Class Petty Officer Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.BurtonC. S.Chief Petty Officer Naval Brigade 
Click for Profile.PartridgeW.2dd Class Petty Officer Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.HardenF.Able Seaman Naval Brigade 
Click for Profile.LovelockA.Able Seaman Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.SteeleRobert CroalLieutenant Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.HainesI.  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Armond Captain Royal Navy 
Click for Profile.FergusonJohn (Jack)Master at Arms00-00-1891Commonwealth Naval Forces 
Click for Profile.Quiver Fleet Steward   
Click for Profile.GreenPatrickAble Seaman Cerberus Delivery Crew 
Click for Profile.WatkinsWilliamStoker Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Marden Second Mate Cerberus Delivery Crew 
Click for Profile.McCannJ.Surgeon Cerberus Delivery Crew 
Click for Profile.BennettGeorge  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ThomasGeorgeWarrant Officer Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.RobertsJoseph 00-00-1847  
Click for Profile.CoghillA. J. 00-00-1865Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SmithT. H.Lieutenant Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Wanson     
Click for Profile.LawsG. A.Able Seaman Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.BurleyAlbert  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MorganJames 00-02-1865  
Click for Profile.WalkinshawWilliam JohnOrdinary Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.BehnAugustOrdinary Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.TruskerS.  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MeyersC.  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Mexham   Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Mewes   Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CoxHenryCommander   
Click for Profile.PlummerAndrewAssistant Surgeon25-11-1812  
Click for Profile.Davies Private Volunteer Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.MacGillivrayPaul HowardMedical Officer00-00-1834Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.GreshamWilliam HenryLieutenant   
Click for Profile.Van ZuilecomCharles LouisLieutenant Volunteer Naval Brigade - Sandridge 
Click for Profile.WilsonJonathanFireman00-00-1829Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.StevensThomasAble Seaman00-00-1834Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Spargo(e)JamesAble Seaman00-00-1834Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.BarnottGeorgeSteward00-00-1825  
Click for Profile.ConnollyJohnFireman00-00-1837Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.DawsonAndersonAble Seaman00-00-1833  
Click for Profile.DenyerWilliamAble Seaman00-00-1834Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.DunnClarkeFireman00-00-1834Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.EvansThomasFireman00-00-1827Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.GobleGeorgeAble Seaman00-00-1830Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.GoldsackeDavidAble Seaman00-00-1835Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.GriffithsJosephFireman00-00-1836Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HindonGeorgeAble Seaman00-00-1829Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HutchinsonFrazerFireman00-00-1827Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.JonesWilliamAssistant Cook00-00-1838Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.LeeFrederickAble Seaman00-00-1831Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.LeonardAlfred W.Able Seaman00-00-1834Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.LewisJamesAble Seaman / Constable00-00-1829Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MallamCharlesCook00-00-1828Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McKayCharlesAble Seaman00-00-1833Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McKellarRobert WilliamAble Seaman00-00-1833Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MertonHenryDrill Instructor00-00-1828Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MorleyGeorgeFireman00-00-1830Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MorganGeorgeDrill Instructor00-00-1833Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MurphyMichaelSailmaker00-00-1834Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.NelsonJohnShipwright00-00-1824Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ParkRobertFireman00-00-1824Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.PrestJohnAble Seaman00-00-1826Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.RussellJohnAble Seaman00-00-1832Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.BarnottJohn2nd Steward & Constable Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McKayWilliamAble Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.StevensWilliamAble Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.GriffinHenryAble Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.EvansTheophilusFireman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CharlettArchibaldBoy 1st Class Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.PercyHenryBoy 1st Class HMCS Victoria Crew 
Click for Profile.WoodsThomasBoy 2nd Class Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.AllenWilliamBoy 2nd Class Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.StronachWilliamBoy 2nd Class Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ThomasGeorgeAble Seaman / Constable Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Elworthy   Volunteer Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.SylvesterJ.Able Seaman Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.WadeF. H.Able Seaman Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.McDonaldD.Able Seaman Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.GordonCharles WilliamAble Seaman Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.ScarsfieldJ.Able Seaman Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.EltonD.Able Seaman Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.McKenzieP.Able Seaman Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.McDonaldA.Able Seaman Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.McGovernP.Able Seaman Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.WilsonJ.Able Seaman Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.MacFarlaneJamesLieutenant Volunteer Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.Almond Lieutenant Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.DullerR. J.Lieutenant Naval Brigade 
Click for Profile.OwenJohn WilliamEngineer10-02-1857Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.AdamsGeorge Thomas CookeSurgeon (honorary) Naval Brigade 
Click for Profile.KayJoseph HenryCaptain Royal Navy 
Click for Profile.ElderDouglasCaptain Volunteer Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.Leslie Captain Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Stalk Lieutenant   
Click for Profile.AyardN.Able Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Lay   Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Heley Stoker Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Blyth Able Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Deans     
Click for Profile.Harper   Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.TyrrilJ.  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.NicholsonH.Able Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WhitwG.Able Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HillPeterOrdinary Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Jordan Stoker Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Fluerty Boy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Smith Stoker Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Leishman Stoker Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.RobertsOwenAble Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MahoneyJohnAble Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Stacey Boy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Lijou Ordinary Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SmithE.Servant Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.DyerJ. O.Able Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.PhillipsL.Boy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McCormick Able Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.KearrnettL. B.Ordinary Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Neir     
Click for Profile.SmithJosephAble Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WarrenDavidQuartermaster Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.GrimshawRichardAble Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SeymourShip's CarpenterCommodore   
Click for Profile.CrispoW.  Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.PoundsR.Gunner Royal Navy 
Click for Profile.BeattyThomas JohnElectrician Naval Torpedo Corps 
Click for Profile.BrownRobertAble Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.Rose   Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.RobertsJoseph 00-00-1845  
Click for Profile.SloggettHarry PaynterSurgeon20-03-1862Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ClarksonWilliamFleet Engineer26-03-1859Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.JohnsonSamuelEngineer05-11-1861Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.LockyerOrmonde H. S.Lieutenant   
Click for Profile.DeansGeorgeCommander   
Click for Profile.JohnsonThomas FrancisWarrant Officer Royal Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.SmithThomas Robertson 25-03-1884  
Click for Profile.HendersonThomas 00-00-1872  
Click for Profile.YoungFrank Stewart 00-00-1877  
Click for Profile.LadbrookCharles  Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.StarkJamesLieutenant Volunteer Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.FergusonCharlesCaptain Naval Brigade 
Click for Profile.JoelC. H.Sub Lieutenant Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.SeckerJohn  Naval Reserve 
Click for Profile.BeadleAlfred  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.DunkFrank1st Lieutenant00-00-1833Volunteer Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.MenziesDavid  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.AsherJames  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.DaviesRobert  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.McLeodDuncan  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.NicklesHenry  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.RochMartin  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.HockingThomas  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.CampbellAllen  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.PurdyAlfred  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.MorrisonArchibald  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.StanleyAlfred  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.JonesWilliam  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.AttenboroughThomas  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.WilliamsRichard  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.HarrisJohn S.  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.Canavan Gunner Volunteer Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.CoolmanJoseph  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.LaneJoseph  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.SeggieRobert  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.GatesEdwin  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.BakerAlfred  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.FurlongThomas  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.HareWilliam  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.KenyonJoseph  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.RobertsCharles  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.BaisereWilliam  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.WilsonAlfred  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.NicolWilliam  Volunteer Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.McGahanCharles  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.SymonsJames  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.CurrieRobert  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.WilsonIsaac  Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.NelsonF. T.Sub-Lieutenant Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.GuthrieJohnStoker Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MitchellJamesCook at Torpedo Depot   
Click for Profile.CookeJamesOfficer's Servant Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WatersJohnAble Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HudsonJohn A.Able Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CondonW. J.Able Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.AshtonR. W. J.Able Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CurtisHenry CharlesAssistant Surgeon Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.FaheyJamesPaymaster   
Click for Profile.SmithT. W.Lieutenant   
Click for Profile.RayA. C.    
Click for Profile.TreziseJohnGunner Naval Brigade 
Click for Profile.LyonJ.Engineer   
Click for Profile.WeatherillN.Engineer Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.RobertsonWilliam McDougalEngineer Naval Brigade 
Click for Profile.HowardH.Surgeon   
Click for Profile.RamsayGeorge CairdSub-Lieutenant Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.CarrollJohnAble Seaman Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.NicholsonJeremiahAble Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ScantleburyWilliamCook00-08-1868Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.RollinsArthurSteward 1st Class25-02-1868Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SmithArthurSteward11-08-1891Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.BaileyJamesSteward11-10-1867Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CoombsJamesCook24-05-1845Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CumminsJohnTraining Seaman00-03-1865Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.GreisRobertAble Saman24-03-1864Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ChapmanFrederick J.Able Seaman20-11-1867Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HoggJohnAble Seaman23-09-1865Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.BrownWilliamTraining Seaman30-12-1869Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WatermanHenryAble Seaman00-04-1864Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SmithAlfred S.Leading Seaman13-07-1868Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McCarthyJosephAble Seaman18-09-1871Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MilneJames DurwoodAble Seaman24-04-1870Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CooperHenryAble Seaman15-06-1868Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.BrooksHenrySteward 2nd Class20-07-1854Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.GossAlfred JamesBoy27-02-1879Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SnewinEdgarCook01-12-1868Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WilkinsAlfredTraining Seaman22-06-1865Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CookeJamesTraining Seaman19-01-1871Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MorrisFrank BeardAble Seaman16-01-1878Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.FredericksonAlfredBoy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.YoungEdwardAble Seaman00-01-1866Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.O'ConnellBenjaminAble Seaman10-01-1871Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.GaggsChristopher EdwardTraining Seaman00-00-1866Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HagartyThomasStoker21-03-1862Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CharmanJamesSteward Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.BarrettThomasCook15-08-1862Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MarrRobert WilliamSteward09-08-1870Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CourtJohn J.Cook15-01-1863Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.JenkinsJohn P.Steward09-02-1872Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McGivernJohn FrancesSick Berth Steward08-02-1869Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.RiddellJohnSteward25-06-1867Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.LawsonWilliamSteward 2nd Class18-01-1865Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.RobertsWalterAble Seaman16-11-1866Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.PayneAlfred HubertSteward 2nd Class03-07-1871Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WhelanJohn DavidTraining Seaman01-10-1873Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.TibbJamesSteward 2nd Class00-00-1868Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McLeodAngusStoker00-00-1870Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.O'BrienWilliamTraining Seaman04-08-1878Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.LawsonWilliamLeading Stoker02-02-1863Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WilsonCharlesStoker00-12-1863Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ManganPatrickEngine Room Artificer19-06-1873Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HoneyCharlesTraining Seaman29-12-1873Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WatkinsCharlesBoy08-10-1882Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.NutteJohnBoy03-11-1883Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HolwesCharlesBoy27-06-1883Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.DenholmF.Boy Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CummingWilliamSteward19-12-1888Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.RobertsonAlexanderAble Seaman14-07-1868Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.GrierRobertAble Seaman24-03-1884Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.NichollsJohnAble Seaman24-12-1875Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.AndersonWilliamBoy27-06-1884Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.QuantonFernandoAble Seaman13-06-1857Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.EdwardsThomas Walter 04-07-1864Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.BairdJohnStoker06-03-1872Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.TrebleRichard ThomasStoker22-07-1876Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.DaviesWilliam Waters 15-07-1876Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.BoyleCharles William 29-12-1870Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WatkinsHenry 02-07-1874Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.?Frederick Charles James 21-12-1872Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MenziesThomasStoker28-07-1870Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.DiamondAndrewStoker12-03-1880Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.S.Norman 27-03-1875Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WebberJohnBoy01-11-1884Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ElliottMathewAble Seaman13-01-1875Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ReadErnestTraining Seaman22-12-1882Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.KiddJohn W.Training Seaman05-01-1886Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.DunkWilliamTraining Seaman18-10-1879Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MansonDavidAble Seaman03-05-1877Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.BullWilliam JosephStoker21-06-1878Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HarwoodGeorgeAble Seaman20-03-1878Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MajorHaroldStoker31-03-1876Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.GuthrieArchibaldStoker04-11-1875Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.PalmerGeorge RobertAble Seaman11-01-1879Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ListomAlfredTraining Seaman01-04-1878Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.PardonGeorge WyrillTraining Seaman08-01-1876Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ShapterHenry RichardAble Seaman18-06-1876Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SweetingGeorgeAble Seaman14-08-1882Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.PeoplesAlexander CharlesBoy09-09-1884Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.NicholsHenry JamesBoy21-06-1885Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.TrebleWilliamAble Seaman03-03-1875Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.FrostHaroldSteward26-09-1879Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.DysonRichardAble Seaman19-12-1877Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WilsonRobert NewtonBoy23-07-1886Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.BowmanBertie ThomasBoy15-06-1883Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.KiddJohn WilliamTraining Seaman08-01-1880Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HughesWalterTraining Seaman10-04-1879Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HeaneyJamesTraining Seaman09-10-1880Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.LePlastrierSydney ErnestTraining Seaman05-01-1877Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.JohnsonOttoCarpenter Joiner21-01-1876Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McKinnonHectorTraining Seaman28-11-1876Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.PattersonGeorge BrentonStoker02-12-1881Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.JohnsonErnest AlbertCarpenter05-05-1870Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CusackDennisCarpenter Joiner14-09-1882Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ClarkeNorman CharlesTraining Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HarrisonHenry JohnCarpenter Joiner26-03-1873Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.RichardsonJohn C.Painter04-09-1874Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.JohnsonLesTraining Seaman11-10-1884Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.GrahamCharlesTrained Man03-05-1884Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.KnightCharlesTraining Seaman24-07-1872Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.RichardsJosephAble Seaman00-00-1858Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.NicolWilliam JosephEngine Room Artificer00-06-1858Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HudswellWilliamCook27-11-1854Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.JordanRobertTraining Seaman27-03-1877Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SimpkinHenryTraining Seaman18-06-1876Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SmithCharles P. 11-12-1860Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McQuirkJamesSreward20-05-1868Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.KerbyGeorgeCook30-11-1864Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.RobertsonGeorgeCook27-02-1880Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CookArthurSteward 1st Class04-09-1888Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.RapleyCharlesSteward 1st Class21-03-1864Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.GeeAlfredSteward06-07-1863Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McGowanJohnWard Room Steward29-07-1860Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.RobertsJosephShip's Cook18-10-1847Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WhiteJosephCarpenter & Joiner06-06-1868Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McDonaldJohn 00-01-1862Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.GammonSamuelStoker00-05-1862Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.FergusonDonaldStoker10-05-1854Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CoghillRobertStoker09-09-1872Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MurdockGeorgeStoker18-09-1861Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ChurchChristopherStoker12-03-1863Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.TwomeyThomas MichaelStoker00-07-1856Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.BurnsJohnStoker00-07-1856Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.PrebbleHerbertStoker18-05-1867Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.FroudAlfredStoker14-06-1870Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.LuschEdwardStoker21-06-1860Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HeaneyJamesStoker19-04-1860Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.PurchaseRobertStoker30-05-1860Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McCallumArchibaldStoker00-05-1865Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.EdwardsThomasStoker00-03-1861Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McGrottyWilliamStoker00-01-1852Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.FreemanWilliamStoker00-01-1863Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.JacobsJosephStoker00-04-1858Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.DavisWilliamLeading Stoker00-07-1857Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MorganSamuelStoker00-09-1864Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.KellawayEdwardStoker00-01-1863Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.StephensFrancisLeading Stoker25-08-1858Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McLoughlinFrancisLeading Stoker11-10-1860Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.EmmersonErnestTraining Seaman27-05-1875Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WatsonJamesBoy00-07-1875Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.GordonRichardBoy14-08-1876Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.NelsonJamesAble Seaman01-04-1874Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.AndersonJohnAble Seaman08-07-1862Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.RoachEdwardAble Seaman01-01-1864Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McKayAlexanderAble Seaman11-04-1869Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.GeorgesonArchibaldTraining Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.AlfordGeorgeAble Seaman21-07-1874Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McKenzieDonaldAble Seaman26-09-1870Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HoughtonJohnTraining Seaman26-06-1869Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.GriffithsEdwardAble Seaman00-04-1875Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.O'NeillJohnAble Seaman00-10-1872Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.JonesHenryAble Seaman24-04-1867Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ShirleyArthurAble Seaman11-02-1867Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.OwenWilliamAble Seaman31-12-1870Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.PhillipsWalterTraining Seaman31-12-1870Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MilsonDavidAble Seaman19-11-1872Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.AndersonWilliamAble Seaman20-08-1863Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.OakleyWilliamAble Seaman28-09-1872Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.DaviesDavidAble Seaman23-04-1871Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.RocheThomasAble Seaman10-03-1869Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.RobertsonWilliamLeading Seaman11-05-1867Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.PilgrimArthurAble Seaman11-08-1863Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.EltonEdwardAble Seaman06-09-1865Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.DonnellyJohnAble Seaman19-09-1869Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MattinsonJosephAble Seaman20-04-1869Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SmallJohnAble Seaman08-03-1869Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.JonesThomasLeading Seaman31-07-1864Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McIntoshWilliamAble Seaman00-07-1867Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.JonesWilliamAble Seaman30-09-1870Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WhiteJohnAble Seaman15-06-1869Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.KennedyWilliamLeading Seaman00-03-1867Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HurstChristopherLeading Seaman02-03-1867Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.AndersonThomasAble Seaman20-10-1867Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SandisonAndrewAble Seaman21-12-1871Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.PatrickJohnAble Seaman00-05-1866Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HaynesStephenAble Seaman26-06-1867Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.TyrrellJohnAble Seaman26-09-1870Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ChifneyGeorgeAble Seaman15-11-1863Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MooreThomasAble Seaman17-10-1866Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.GormanJohnAble Seaman20-08-1869Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.FiskWilliamAble Seaman28-06-1862Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.NewbyWilliam0600-01-1865Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.GrantThomasAble Seaman17-06-1871Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McLeodHughAble Seaman25-12-1866Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.RobertsJohnAble Seaman00-02-1865Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ArgoAlfredAble Seaman13-06-1867Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ComptonGeorgeAble Seaman29-06-1866Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MorrisonNeilAble Seaman09-05-1866Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.LynchJamesAble Seaman09-05-1866Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.LakeJames1st Class Petty Officer Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HarriganEdwardAble Seaman13-05-1863Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.GraylandJamesAble Seaman23-09-1868Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.JacksonFrederickLeading Seaman01-10-1870Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.BarryDenisLeading Seaman15-08-1866Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.DarchWilliamAble Seaman00-11-1864Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HartyMichaelAble Seaman00-05-1863Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.AlstomAlfredAble Seaman06-08-1865Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HillEdwardAble Seaman03-07-1860Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ComptonAlfredAble Seaman15-11-1869Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.BlythJohnAble Seaman03-07-1860Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.RichardsPeterAble Seaman14-07-1869Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MacKenzieMalcolmAble Seaman20-07-1863Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.GabrielJamesAble Seaman03-03-1862Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MooreBenjaminPetty Officer23-07-1860Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.GiraultGeorgeAble Seaman28-11-1859Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ShennPatrick Daniel1st Class Petty Officer15-06-1882Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.LeamanThomasAble Seaman23-10-1853Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McLeodWilliamAble Seaman12-07-1869Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.GrantDonaldAble Seaman12-11-1865Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MorganJohnAble Seaman19-03-1859Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ThomsonJohnLeading Seaman00-07-1858Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McLeodWilliamAble Seaman23-03-1861Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SharpGideonAble Seaman01-12-1854Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MajorJosephAble Seaman00-07-1856Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.VaughanRichardChief Leading Stoker00-07-1868Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.JohnsonAugustAble Seaman12-06-1859Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WhittonHenryLeading Seaman01-07-1859Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HarmonHenryLeading Seaman11-05-1869Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HolmesLudwig1st Class Petty Officer12-07-1861Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.StevensEdward1st Class Petty Officer00-08-1865Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.O'BrienEdwardCarpenter & Joiner16-05-1858Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.FlemingAlexanderLeading Seaman15-12-1861Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.JamesWilliamLeading Stoker13-03-1862Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McLeodDonaldMaster at Arms00-09-1865Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.GammonJamesLeading Stoker18-04-1857Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SkinnerGeorgeLeading Stoker28-11-1862Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MichaelsonAlexander1st Class Petty Officer19-07-1865Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WillisHenry1st Class Petty Officer09-09-1865Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.WillisHenry GeorgeAble Seaman Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.AndersonCharlesCarpenter & Joiner22-12-1852Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.SalmomLancalotLeading Stoker23-04-1850Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.CrocketGeorgeChief Class Petty Officer20-11-1857Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.ClarkeFrancis 31-08-1862Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.TudmanWilliam1st Class Petty Officer31-12-1856Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.MewsJohn1st Class Petty Officer02-01-1847Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.BlairSamuelToepedo Artificer00-11-1862Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.AldridgeGeorgeChief Leading Stoker16-06-1849Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.StevensAlexanderE R Artificer24-08-1847Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.HobsonJamesChief Leading Stoker13-03-1846Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.McGeeHenryEng. Room Artificer00-04-1865Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.RoachJosephChief Carpenters Mate00-12-1846Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.BakerGeorgeChief Painter05-07-1854Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.AllenJamesChief Ships Carpenter00-09-1839Victorian Navy 
Click for Profile.VernorHenry R.Private Naval Reserve/Brigade 
Click for Profile.BeadlesH. J.Able Seaman00-00-1871  
Click for Profile.BaptistCharlesAble Seaman00-00-1851  
Click for Profile.DooleyJohn 00-00-1847Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.JamesHenryAble Seaman00-00-1833Naval Brigade - Williamstown 
Click for Profile.JohnsonJamesAble Seaman00-00-1846Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.JulierThomas 00-00-1852Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.ErskineWilliam R  Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.WhittingtonD. H.Able Seaman00-00-1846Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.WilsonC. H.Able Seaman00-00-1833Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.PandtCharlesAble Seaman00-00-1830Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.StroudD. S. 00-00-1840Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.MacKenzieA. 00-00-1846Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.HudsonEdward 00-00-1827Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.CarterJamesAble Seaman00-00-1841  
Click for Profile.AndersonB.Able Seaman00-00-1840  
Click for Profile.AbramsCharlesAble Seaman00-00-1844Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt Melb) 
Click for Profile.HemingwayGeorge 00-00-1842Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.SpiveyFrederickAble Seaman00-00-1846Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.LeonardFrederick 00-00-1850Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.LinderC.Able Seaman00-00-1845Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.HeldingWilliamAble Seaman00-00-1842Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.EdwardsH. W.  Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.HenryJames 00-00-1841Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.HoustonJ. W.Able Seaman Naval Brigade - Pt. Melbourne 
Click for Profile.JohnsonJamesAble Seaman00-00-1842Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.O'BrienArthurAble Seaman00-00-1845Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 
Click for Profile.TipperJames 00-00-1855Naval Brigade - Sandridge (Pt. Melb) 

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* 1853 is given as the commencement date for the Victorian Navy as this is the year that Commander Lockyer (RN) went to Britain to superintend the building of HMCS Victoria.
Although the Victorian Navy ended in 1901 the career of Cerbeus etc continued. In 1910 the new ships started arriving & manning levels increased.

Information & photographs of men who served in the Victorian Naval Forces is eagerly sought. Please contact the webmaster.