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Victorian Naval Forces Muster

for the Colony of Victoria. (muster range 1853-1910)*


Last Name:Quarrier
First Name:Thomas
Birth Date:
Branch:Victorian Navy

 Thomas Quarrier


"One memorable incident on the Albert River, in the splendid isolation of far northern Queensland, involved former constable Thomas Quarrier. It took place on 8 November 1861. He was a self proclaimed teetotaller and an officer found him lying flat on his back on the deck of the Firefly. Quarrier, acting second-in-command, seemed confused and incorrent, and muttered something about 'things getting worse and worse'. He was told to clean the deck and get some supper. Instead he turned into his hammock. When this was discovered, he was called to the Officers' cabin by Lieutenant Gascoyne:

Quarrier came rolling at the door with his cap on evidently drunk. Mr [acting Lieutenant] Handfield put some question to him which Quarrier did not answer. I then said to Mr Handfield, that man is drunk, upon which Quarrier stared at me and said nothing looking stupified. Mr Handfield then ordered him from the cabin.

Quarrier was court-martialled for this offence when he returned on board the Victoria on 22 November. He was disrated to Leading Seaman."

From Crew List of HMCS Victoria as at January 1857.

Article in Journal of Police History, vol. 3 no. 1, March - May 1995 written by Ian MacFarlane.


Listed in the Victorian Defence Forces List, Naval Branch, 10 May 1872 as having resigned or been discharged.

* 1853 is given as the commencement date for the Victorian Navy as this is the year that Commander Lockyer (RN) went to Britain to superintend the building of HMCS Victoria.
Although the Victorian Navy ended in 1901 the career of Cerbeus etc continued. In 1910 the new ships started arriving & manning levels increased.

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