Cerberus Mini-Toolbar

(latest version 2.07)

The Cerberus Mini-Toolbar is shown in its actual size above. It takes up no extra room on the screen as it fits to the right of the menu bar or browser icons. (see image below)

The Cerberus Mini-Toolbar allows instant access to the main Cerberus website pages. It also allows easy searching of the most popular search engines and access to many other services.

There is no advertising, spyware or logging of urls or searches. It's just a useful add-on for MS IE5.0 & higher operating with Windows 95, 98 ME & XP. It can be easy removed if no longer required.


  1. Single click access to the Cerberus Home page by clicking on the Cerberus icon.
  2. Access to the main Cerberus website pages via a dropdown list.
  3. Single click web searching with Google using the Mini-Toolbar search box.
  4. Searching other web and image search engines via the dropdown list and the Mini-Toolbar search box.
  5. Dropdown list access to web-mail providers and an e-mail verification service.
  6. Dropdown list access to Australian Residential, Business and Government telephone numbers.
  7. Dropdown list access to a host of useful services such as:-



How to Download the Cerberus Mini-Toolbar:

ZIP version 2.07
  1. Click the download link and select Save.
  2. Save "Cerberus_Mini-Toolbar.zip" to an empty folder on your computer.
  3. Select "Open Folder" when the download has finished.
  4. Unzip "Cerberus_Mini-Toolbar.zip"
  5. Read the installion instructions in "README.txt"
Download the Cerberus Mini-Toolbar .zip version. 516 kb
Full installation and removal instructions are in the included readme file.
downloaded times since November 2004

EXE version 2.07
  1. Click the download link and select Run.
  2. Follow the prompts

Download the Cerberus Mini-Toolbar .exe version. 537 kb
Full installation & removal instructions.

downloaded times since December 2004
Can't unzip a .zip file, then either go to the Freezip website or download freezip.exe directly.


If you have any questions about the Cerberus Mini-Toolbar, or suggestions for improvements please contact us.