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Background Events.

  1854 - 56 Crimean War. Britain at war with Russia.
  1860's Melbourne became the most populous and wealthiest city in Australia.
1860 December 29 HMS Warrior launched. The first true ironclad.
1862 Russian frigate "Svetlana" visits Melbourne.
1862 January 30 USS Monitor launched.
1862 March Fears of war with the United States of America.
1863 March Russian corvette "Bogatyr" visits Melbourne.
1865 January Confederate commerce raider "Shenandoah" visits Melbourne.
1866 November British Colonial Office writes to Victorian Treasurer offering to pay most of the cost of "an armour plated monitor or Turret ship".
1867 July 1 Ship design "for the defence of Melbourne harbour" was approved.

Construction & Trip Out.

1867 September 1 keel of Cerberus laid down
1867 September 10 Order given to build an "Armour Plated Turret Ship for the Defence of Victoria (Melbourne)."
1867 September 24 Order given that the name Cerberus be used.
1868 March Armour Plate trial
1868 December 2 Cerberus launched
1869 March 27 HMS Captain launched
1869 HMS Monarch completed
1869 May Cerberus Completed.
1869 June 5 Cerberus trial trip off Northumberland coast.
1869 June 7 Cerberus ordered to Chatham.
1869 June 10 Cerberus arrives at Chatham for fitting out for the delivery voyage.
1869 August Cerberus undergoes a Steering Trial in the English Channel.
1869 August 14 Cerberus undergoes a Speed Trial.
1869 September Other Monitors being built.
1869 November 9 Cerberus almost scuttled.
1869 November 17 Suez Canal opened.
1869 November Temporary Bulwarks, & sailing masts fitted for delivery voyage.
1870 April Guns fitted.
1870 May 17 Leaves Dry-Dock.
1870 September 7 HMS Captain sinks during sea trials.
1870 September 12 Commissioned at Chatham with 15 officers.
1870 September 16 Cerberus handed over to Lieutenant Panter.
1870 September Navigating Crew hired.
1870 October 29 Sets out from Sheerness on the first leg of the trip to Victoria.
1870 November 28 Arrived in Malta where many desertions took place.
1870 December 19 Arrived at Port Said Egypt. Second warship to pass through the newly opened Suez Canal.
1871 January 6 Reached Aden.
  1871 January 31 Arrived at Galle, Sri Lanka.
1871 February 4 Reached Batavia. (Indonesia)
1871 March 16 Arrived in Freemantle, Western Australia.
1871 March 17 Naval Reserve formed.
1871 April 9 Entered Pt Phillip Bay, Victoria, Australia.

Life in Victoria.

1871 August 25 First trial in the Bay.
1871 August 26 Trip to Geelong.
1871 September Churches attempt to close Cerberus on Sundays.
1871 October 27 Tied up at newly laid moorings in Hobson's Bay.
1872 April 1 Exercised against HMVS Nelson & the Williamstown Batteries.
1874 April 22 Placed in Dry Dock for the first time.
1875 August 5 Supposed Earthquake in Melbourne found to be Cerberus firing guns at the Heads.
1876 March 17 "The Taking of Cerberus " hoax published in the Herald newspaper.
1877 April 24 Argus Newspaper states that Cerberus is fully manned.
1877 Hydraulic Steam driven steering gear fitted.
1877 November 9 Shot from HMVS Nelson lands in St Kilda.
(origin of Cerberus bombarding St Kilda myth.)
1877 December 23 Cerberus placed on war footing.
1877-78 Russia and Britain almost go to war.
1877-78 Russia draws up a plan to attack Melbourne.
1877 April Two 12 pounder "Boat Guns" fired on board Cerberus.
1877 Brennan torpedo tested.
1878 May Small starboard after boiler repaired & cupola fitted to conning tower. As a result Cerberus said to be in thoroughly efficient state.
1878 May Steam Launch and Steam Cutter from Cerberus fitted with spar torpedoes.
1878 June 5 Captain Mandeville suggests "Running the Gauntlet" of the Heads Batteries under live fire.
1878 October 19 Tenders advertised for construction of a single "Military Mast".
1879 "Electric Lights" (searchlights) purchased.
1880 January First Refit complete. Twin signaling Pole Mast configuration replaced with single iron "Military Mast" with "Fighting Top".
1880 September 13 Assisted with Emerald Hill flood.
1880 November Commodore Wilson's Report
1881 February, 27 Captain Mandeville & friends picnic at Half Moon Bay. Cerberus band entertains guests on the beach.
1881 March 5 The "Torpedo Accident".
1881 May 5 Report into "Torpedo Explosion" released.
1881 June Letter casting doubt on section of Torpedo Report.
1882 February A Russian Squadron enters Port Phillip Bay and challenges the Victorian Navy to a series of boat races.
1882 March 24 Cerberus placed in dry dock for temporary repairs to the boilers and to have barnacles removed from the hull.
1882 August Gatling Gun fitted.
1882 December 1 Captain Mandeville requests that a Picket Boat be purchased to guard against Torpedo Boat attacks.
1882 December 15 Cerberus diver, air-pump & 300 feet of hose sent to assist at the Creswick Mine disaster.
1883 The fictional pamphlet "Battle of the Yarra" was published.
1883 July Admiralty asked for opinion on re-arming Cerberus with 26 ton muzzle loading guns. Admiralty disapproved. Guard Boat approved.
1883 Engine Room Telegraph Gear fitted.
1883 September 9Replacement of original Square Box boilers with locally manufactured Cylindrical boilers completed.
1883 September The first of four Nordenfelt 4 barrel 1 inch "machine guns" fitted.
1884 August 26 The first 10 inch RML gun is damaged when three cracks develop in its barrel.
1884 Admiralty asked for opinion on re-arming Cerberus with Breech Loading Guns. Not considered advisable.
1884 September Two Practise Gun Turrets and Guns ordered.
1885 The 1885 War Scare
1887 January 29 "The Dash At Melbourne", a fictional account of a joint French Russian naval attack on Melbourne.
1887 April Cerberus runs aground at the Heads during a sham fight.
1888 The fictional booklet "Battle of Mordialloc" was published.
1888 March Torpedo netting and spars fitted.
1888 February Flying Deck shortened.
1888 Director Firing introduced.
1890 March 24 Two Nordenfelt 6 pounder QF Guns mounted on Flying Deck.
1888 July 2 When both telegraph lines to Europe were severed & the colonies military forces were mobilised. The fleet was sent to the Heads.
1890 July 12 Cerberus stationed at the Heads when both telegraph lines to Europe again cut, this time for 9 days.
1891 April Martini-Henry rifles with Morris Tubes, attached to 10 inch RML guns to allow inexpensive practise.
1892 Fleet Mobilisation improved.
1892 May Four decks re-decked.
1893 Original searchlights replaced.
1894 May Old funnel replaced with new one.
1894 October Proposal to re-arm with 8 inch Breech Loading Guns.
1897 Auxiliary boilers & electric generators from Victoria II & Albert fitted to provide electric light and improve ventilation.
1897 March Cerberus sinks the belted cruiser "Bruiser" at the Melbourne Exhibition Building.
1897 July 14 pounder Maxim-Nordenfelt QF Guns were fitted on the Breastwork Deck.
1897 September 16 Damage noticed to left gun in aft turret.
1897 October Request made to fit 8 inch breech loading guns.
1897 Cerberus officially becomes the Flagship of the Victorian Navy.
1898 January 1 Moved to new moorings off Williamstown.
1898 November 30 A second 10" RML gun is replaced when it develops a cracked trunnion.
1900 April 13 Speed of 12.4 knots achieved.
1900 Naval Brigade, comprising Permanent Naval members & Naval Reserve go to China to subdue Boxers. Two 14 pounder Maxim-Nordenfelt QF Guns removed and converted for use on land.
1901 On the death of Queen Victoria, Cerberus fired 81 guns for (Queen)Victoria and 21 for her successor.
1901 March 1 Naval forces of previous colonies, now states, transfered to Commonwealth as the "Australian Commonwealth Navy".
1903 Plans prepared to install 7½ inch breech loading guns. This was not implemented.
1904 Proposal to re-arm with 6 inch breech loading guns.
1905 Possibly the last time that Cerberus operates under steam. After this date she is towed to where required.
1905 Cerberus continually referred to as H.M.A.S. Cerberus.
1905-6 Boilers condemned.
1906 Colonial Naval Forces Amalgamated.
1907 April Cerberus towed down the bay to participate in the Easter Manoeuvres. Fires 10 inch guns, possibly for the last time.
1907-8 Turret guns condemned.
1908 August 29 Cerberus Salutes the visiting U.S. "Great White Fleet".
1909 April 9 Cerberus towed to Queenscliff to participate in the Easter Manoeuvres, almost certainly for the last time.
1910 Moved into Hobson's Bay and used as a store ship and control ship for boat drills.
1911 July 10 Under King George V's signature the Australian Commonwealth Navy was renamed the Royal Australian Navy.
1912 July 1 Cerberus was commissioned as the name ship to the Naval Depot at Williamstown.
1912 October 18 Wireless transmission from Cerberus.
1914 Designated "Port Guard Ship" and floating explosives store during the Great War.

Ports & Harbours refuse request to dump Guns, Turrets & Armour Plates in Pt. Phillip Bay. They suggest that it would be more appropriate to do so in deeper water outside the Heads.

1921 April 1 Decommissioned as HMAS Cerberus and recommissioned as HMAS Platypus II. Used as a submarine supply ship.
1921 June 3 As HMAS Platypus II, is towed to Geelong by HMAS Platypus.
1924 April 23 Sold to Melbourne Salvage Co. for £409.
1926 June Williamstown Council protested against the proposal to sink Cerberus outside the Heads.
1926 September 2 Towed to Half Moon Bay and scuttled.

Recent Events

1940 August 1 Six Naval Reserve Bases ceased to be named Cerberus II through to VI. eg Cerberus III at Port Melbourne became HMAS Lonsdale.
1942 c. Japanese claim to have sunk HMAS Cerberus.
1958 Commando on a training exercise involving Cerberus drowns.
1970Pledge By Sir. Henry Bolte to save Cerberus.
1972 Public Appeal by "Cerberus Preservation Trust" for $250,000 to tow Cerberus to a new site.
1985 Proposal to relocate Cerberus near Polly Woodside supported by Prime Minister Bob Hawke.
1987 The Second Damaged 10" RML Gun is moved from Ballarat to the HMAS Cerberus Naval Depot.
1993 December 27 Cerberus suffers a major collapse in a storm.
1995 Cerberus Preliminary Conservation Plan:
"urgent action now recommended".
1996National Trust supports Bayside Council's Cerberus project.
2000 SeptemberGHD P/L completes Engineering Feasibility Plan.
2001Cerberus Preservation Working Group formed.
2002 MayEngineering Report Commissioned.
2002 JulyCerberus Preservation Working Group changes name to
Save the Cerberus Alliance.
2002 NovemberGeotechnical drilling carried out.
2003 FebruaryEngineering Report presented to committee.
"Cerberus is at imminent risk of Catastrophic Collapse."
2004 January "Victorian Navy" reactivated.
2004 September 3 Cerberus nominated for inclusion in the National Heritage List.
2004 October 13 Minister Mary Delahunty announces $80,000 grant to remove the guns.
2005 March 1 & 3 The four 10 inch RML Guns removed and placed on the seabed.
2005 December 14 Cerberus listed on the National Heritage List.
2006 April 9 Cerberus joins the Maritime Museum of Victoria.
2006 May 19 John Wood becomes patron of Save the Cerberus.
2006 July 16 Successful relics dive & Victorian flag again flies from Cerberus.
2006 September 3 Cerberus Celebration Day.
2007 June Joint Funding suggested by Victorian Government.
2007 November 3 National Trust lists Cerberus in Australia's Top Ten Heritage Places at Risk list.
2007 November 14 Joint Funding discussions agreed to by Federal Government.
2007 December 9 Cerberus Celebration Day.
2008 February 6 Minister Peter Garrett agrees to meet with Heritage Victoria & Minister Justin Madden.
2008 August 26 Minister Peter Garrett announces a $500,000 NHII grant towards stabilising Cerberus.
2009 OctoberCerberus Art Exhibition.
2010 November 27Tenders advertised to Design & Contruct Bracing System for gun turrets.
2011 April 18140th Anniversary of Arrival of Cerberus in Port Phillip Bay.
2011 May 19NHII grant conditions varied to allow Turret Bracing project to commence.
2011 MayBMT Design & Technology commences designing turret bracing system.
2011 July 153D Spatial undertake 3D scanning.
2011 JulyInterpretive signs erected at Half Moon Bay.
 2011 August BMT Design & Technology reports on preferred turret bracing design.
 2012 April Friends of the Cerberus becomes aware that the federal and state heritage departments have decided to abandon the turret bracing project.

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