Engine room in Hold Deck.

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Hold Deck
Stern view of Propellers Boiler room Engine room Forward Shell room Boiler Room & Engine Room Cell Snider Magazine Capstan Engine Q.-F. Gun Magazine.

Like the Boiler room, the Engine room took up the hold & lower deck. At the lower deck level there was a platform down the centre of the room. A ladder from this platform led down to the engines. The image shows a plan view of the Engine Room. There were two Maudslay "Return Rod" mouseover on main image Engines. Each engine had 2 cylinders. Each cylinder had a diameter of 43 inches and a stroke of 27 inches. The port engine was originally powered by 2 large boilers while the starboard engine was powered by 1 large and 2 small boilers. Each engine drove one of the two propellers. Communication between the Command position and the Engine Room was via Voicetube and rod operated "Telegraph".

The first screw engines for British warships were two-cylinder machines provided by Maudslay.¹

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¹ Naval Warfare 1815-1914, Lawrence Sondhaus, Routledge, 2001.