Inside the Aft Gun Turret.

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Breastwork Deck
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Inside the Aft Gun Turret Inside the Forward Gun Turret Port side of Breastwork Deck looking forward. Port side of Breastwork Deck Port side of Breastwork Deck looking aft (2). Looking into the forward gun Turret. On Breastwork Deck Looking Aft (1) Looking at the Aft Turret.

Each Gun Turret held two 10 inch Rifled Muzzle Loading Guns which were fired electrically. Originally the guns were fired from the turret but later this was done from the Conning Tower. The Turrets were 6.4 metres in diameter. Into this space, as well as the two guns were half of each Turret crew's complement of 16. Each gun crew consisted of 15 men (7 in the turret) per gun. In addition there was a Turret Captain, located between the 2 guns. Shown in the photo is the No.2 Turret Crew member elevating the gun prior to firing. The Turret's rotation was achieved by steam engines or manually if the boilers were not lit.

Note that there are five men visible in the photo.

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photo from The Australasian, 28 May 1898 sponsored by Robert Lawson.