Customs No.1

Customs No. 1 was a Victorian Customs Service launch and was fitted with two sets of torpedo dropping gear and a Whitworth gun. Customs No. 1 operated as a torpedo boat.

Customs No 1 Torpedo Boat
Detail from The Victorian Fleet in 1888 by A.V. Gregory.
Courtesy of the Royal Historical Society of Victoria.


Timber steam launch for the Victorian Customs Service.

Launched; Thursday, the 3rd. of July, 1884, by Mrs. White, at Messers W. & G. White Co., Williamstown, Victoria. Price; 1,500 pounds.

Loa = 63', Lpp = 60', Be = 12', D = 6' aft, 2' 6" forward,
Depth of hull = 6',
Displacement = 20 tons.
Boiler = water tube dia. = 0.5", Maximum Pressure = 160psi, Coal Consumption Maximum Speed = 12 cwt/day.
Engine = two cylinder, Diameter = 10", Stroke = 12", Shaft speed = 150 rpm,
Speed = 11 knots.
Propeller = Diameter = 5' 2", Material = Gunmetal.

The timber used is described in two different articles on different dates, but contradict each other. One states local timber with Kauri deck. The other, Oregon with Teak deck. There is a chance that they are refering to two different boats, but they are of the same launch date and place, and both for Customs.

In regards to the engine, the article refers to 'engines with cylinder diameter of 10"'. As there is only mention of one propeller, one assumes the writer is refering to each cylinder as an engine. This would tend to indicate the writer was not familiar with marine steam engines, and probably assumed a layout similar to railway locomotive

(Specifications courtesy of Andrew Braden.)

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