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The "Cerberus" Turret Ship

Report of the launch of Cerberus.

The Mechanics Magazine
December 11 1868


Trial Trip

Report on the trial trip.

The Mechanics Magazine
June 11 1869

Rudder Trial

Report on trial of the balanced rudder.

The Mechanics Magazine
August 13 1869


The Cerberus

Discussion of the temporary deck, sides & masts for the delivery voyage.

Williamstown Chronicle
February 5 1870

Cerberus in Malta

Three articles mentioning Cerberus passing through Malta on her delivery voyage.

The Malta Times & Service Gazette
Nov & Dec 1870


The Arrival in Malta

The arrival in Malta


The Arrival in Aden

The arrival in Aden.

The Argus

The Arrival of the Cerberus

The benefits of such a ship.

The Age April 10 1871

The Arrival of the Cerberus

Official Report of Lieut. Panter.

Geelong Advertiser April 22 1871

The Arrival of the Cerberus

The arrival in Pt. Phillip Bay & description of the voyage.

The Leader April 15 1871

Removing Temporary Works

Describes the temporary works that were removed on arrival in Australia

The Australasian May 20 1871

First Trial in Victoria

Discussion of visitors on deck.

The Argus August 21 1871

A Cruise in Our Ironclad

A detailed account of the First Trial Trip in Victoria.
A cruise down the Bay.
Weighing Anchor
Patent Log
Engine Room
Gun Practise

The Herald August 28 1871

First Trial in Victoria

Description of a visit to Geelong by a Geelong newspaper.

The Geelong Advertiser
29 August, 1871

First Trial in Victoria

Description of a visit to Geelong by a Geelong newspaper.

The Geelong Advertiser
30 August, 1871

First Trial in Victoria

Description of a visit to Geelong by a Geelong newspaper.

The Geelong Advertiser
31 August, 1871

First Trial in Victoria

Description of a visit to Geelong by a Geelong newspaper.

The Geelong Advertiser
1 September, 1871

First Trial in Victoria

Description of a visit to Geelong by a Geelong newspaper.

The Geelong Advertiser
4 September, 1871

First Trial in Victoria

Description of a visit to Geelong by a Geelong newspaper.

The Geelong Advertiser
5 September, 1871

First Trial in Victoria

Description of a visit to Geelong by a Geelong newspaper.

The Geelong Advertiser
7 September, 1871

First Trial in Victoria

Description of a visit to Geelong by a Geelong newspaper.

The Geelong Advertiser
9 September, 1871

First Trial in Victoria

Description of a visit to Geelong.

The Illustrated Australian News 9 September 1871

First Trial in Victoria

Description of a visit to Geelong by a Geelong newspaper.

The Geelong Advertiser
16 September, 1871


The Attack of the Cerberus

a description of a practise attack on the Williamstown Batteries & HMVS Nelson in 1872
Attack by the Cerberus
Commencement of Action
Firing Rate
The Nelson
Sandridge & Williamstown
Ship Condition

Illustrated Australian News
April 23, 1872


Death of Stoker Clark

Cerberus The cost of poor ventilation

Argus January 8 1874

The Cerberus in the Graving Dock.

Cerberus View of Stern & Twin Screws in 1874

Australasian Sketcher
May 16 1874

The Cerberus in Dock.

Cerberus in dry dock in 1874

Illustrated Australian News
May 18 1874

Our Victorian Navy


Australasian Sketcher
July 11 1874


Australian Coast Defences

Description of ship.

Scientific American
March 4, 1876


Gun Practise

Gun Practise.

The Age April 12, 1877

New Commander

Familiarisation by Capt. Mandeville.

The Argus April 13, 1877

Inside a Turret of the Cerberus: "Load"

In the Turret "Load" in 1877

Australasian Sketcher
June 9 1877

The Ironclad Cerberus

1 describes the locally designed Steam Steering System
2 details Firing Practise with the 10 inch Guns

The Argus August 20 1877

The Naval Reserve

describes the recruiting and activities of the Naval Reserve

The Argus September 21 1877

Final trial of the steam-steering apparatus.

a brief description of the final trial of the steam-steering apparatus in 1877

The Argus September 28 1877

Hoskins Inspection

Inspection by Commodore Hoskins.

The Argus November 22, 1877

War Footing

Cerberus placed on war footing.

The Argus December 24, 1877

Fire Reward

Crew rewarded for extinguishing a fire.

The Argus January 11, 1877


The Victorian Ironclad "Cerberus".

a brief description of the defence situation in 1878

The Graphic April 13 1878

The Mast

a brief description of pending modifications

The Argus May 13 1878

Cerberus & the Heads Batteries

Capt Mandeville's proposal to "Run the Gauntlet"

Geelong Advertiser
June 19, 1878


Ball for Crew

"Ball for the Crew"

The Argus
May 16, 1879

Official Report on Boilers

describes the deterioration of the original "square box boilers"

The Argus
November 6, 1879


Mandeville's Injury.

Details on how Captain Mandeville received his injury.

The Argus January 27, 1880

Target Practise.

Out of Dry Dock and Down the Bay for Shot and Shell practise.

The Argus August 4, 1880

Commodore Wilson's Report.

Report on ship condition and drill.

The Argus November 23 1880


Long Service Medals.

Presentation of Long Service Medals

The Age, 27 January 1881

Target Practise.

Target Practise with the 10 inch RML guns.

The Herald March 4 1881

Electric Light.

Using the Electric Light

The Herald March 5 1881

The Torpedo Incident.

1 Contemporary press coverage
2 Inquest Report Summary.

Various Newspapers
Official Report


A scare on board.

Action taken when Cerberus was thought to be sinking

The Herald March 27 1882

Naval Regatta in Hobson's Bay.

1 The Regatta
2 The Cutter Race.

The Argus February 18 1882

The Naval Regatta:
The Cutter Race

1 Cutter Race

Australasian Sketcher
February 1882

Boiler test

Testing the temporary boiler repairs.

April 25 1882


Description of the dead-point firing gear.

May 10 1882

The Cerberus

describes the condition of the Square Box Boilers & various aspects of the ship in 1882
Armour Plating
Boiler Repairs
RML Gun Operation
Ship Layout
Turret Operation

Australasian Sketcher
July 29, 1882

Gatling Gun

acquisition of a Gatling Gun

The Argus August 28 1882

Turret Crown Wheels

Turret Crown Wheels

The Argus 9 November 1882

Letter of Thanks

Letter of thanks for assistanc in Creswick Mine Disaster

The Argus December 8, 1882


Renewing the Boilers of the Cerberus

a brief description of the installation of the locally made cylindrical boilers in 1883

Illustrated Australian News
March 21, 1883

The Cerberus

describes various aspects of the ship
Double Bottom
Lighting & Ventilation

The Herald May 17, 1883

Attack on Captain Mandeville

describes various attack on Captain Mandeville in parliament

The Age September 28, 1883

Trial Trip of the Cerberus

Trialing the new Boilers and the steam steering and
firing the gatling gun in 1883

The Age
October 17, 1883


Victorian Naval Forces War Trophy Material

at the Engineer's Exhibition

The Illustrated Australian News
23 January 1884

Electric Light at Geelong

Electric light display at Geelong

The Argus
February 1, 1884

Life on a Victorian

a description of the Daily Routine in 1884.
Crew Composition
Fire Drill
Landing Party
Turret Drill

The Williamstown Chronicle 23 February 1884 & March 1

Daily timetable.

Daily timetable

Deeds not Words, Evans,W.P.
The Hawthorn Press, Melbourne , 1971 p.106.

Assist SS Gabo.

Reference to the Cerberus Steam Launch

The Williamstown Advertiser
September 20 1884

Mock Gun Turrets.

Construction of Mock Gun Turrets for gun practise.

The Williamstown Chronicle
September 27 1884

The first damaged gun

Details of the gun damaged in 1884

separate publication


Melbourne's Defences.

A comprehensive overview of The Defence of the Colony. Includes the disposition of the fleet in the event of attack.

The Argus February 7 1885


Advertising for Abel Seamen

Argus March 14 1885

On Board Cerberus

a brief description of exercising at the Heads in 1885
Attacking the South Channel Fort
Dueling with the Forts at the Heads
Night Drill
Resisting a Torpedo Boat Attack

The Age April 6 1885

Naval Demonstration.

Details of the Queen's Birthday Naval Demonstration.
Includes details of the ships involved.

The Argus June 1 1885


Loan of Hopper Barge.

Request to test fitness of Hopper Barge for defence purposes.

The Argus November 10 1886


Interesting details about Cerberus

Down the Bay with the fleet.

The Herald April 12 1887

Annual Report.

Annual report of the state of the Naval Forces.

The Footscray Chronicle 19 September 1887

Boys of the Brigade.

Description of a cutter race held in 1887.

The Williamstown Chronicle 14 January 1932

War Preparations

a description of the 1885 war scare preparations

Australasian Sketcher
May 6 1885


The Fleet at the Heads.

The Fleet goes "Down the Bay"

Ballarat Courier April, 2 1888

Broadside & Director Firing.

The introduction of Director Firing

The Argus April, 3 1888


Our Defenders.

Victorian Navy
Description of Ships

Illustrated Australian News
November 9 1889


The Naval Manoeuvres

A reference to speed and the faulty steering.

The Herald March 30 1891


A description of the Recommended Repairs.

The Argus August 12 1891


Easter Manoeuvers.

A description of the 1892 Easter Manoeuvers.

The Williamstown Chronicle 23 April 1892


A General Overhaul.

Re-decking & other improvements.

The Herald February 27, 1893


The Cerberus.

Cerberus in 1896.

Weekly Times
February 22, 1896

Easter Manoeuvres.

With the Fleet.

The Herald
April 6, 1896



Briefly mentions the recent installation of electric lighting throughout the ship.

The Herald April 17 2 1897

The second damaged gun

Details of the gun damaged in 1897

separate publication

Colonial Appointment

Discussion of possible appointment of local officer to command Naval Forces.

The Williamstown Chronicle October 2 1897

Captain Neville's Speech

Comments on Cerberus & appointments.

The Argus November 11 1897


Sunk by a Torpedo
A voice from the deep

An imaginary account of the sinking of Cerberus

The Herald april 11, 1898

Victorians in Control

The appointment of the first Victorian commander of the Victorian Naval Forces.

The Footscray Chronicle april 16, 1898

Naval Inspection

Inspection and discussion of readiness of the Victorian Naval Forces.

The Footscray Chronicle July 2, 1898


Death of J. Prideaux

Discussion of career and pension entitlement of J. Prideaux.

The Williamstown Chronicle 24 November 1899


HMVS Cerberus -
An Interesting Visit

A description of items In Need of Upgrading

Williamstown Chronicle
March 24 1900

HMVS Cerberus -
Unique Entertainment

A description of the entertainment to raise funds for charity

The Footscray Advertiser
April, 14 1900


Annual Overhaul

A brief reference to the annual overhaul

Williamstown Chronicle
13 July 1901


Naval Manoeuvres

Another Torpedo Attack

The Herald
31 March 1902


Naval Manoeuvres

A brief description of the last Easter cruise under steam.

Weekly Times 24 April 1905


Mobilisation Sheet

A list of the officers and men of the Permanent Naval Forces.

Williamstown Chronicle
20 March 1909

Work on the Cerberus

Captain Panter accompanies Cerberus on the 1909 Easter Manoeuvres.

The Argus12 April 1909

End of the Game

A description of the Cerberus being towed to the 1909 Easter Manoeuvres.

The Argus13 April 1909



what to do with Cerberus after scrapping

The Herald June 8 1926


a description of the Scuttling of Cerberus

The Argus September 3 1926

Last Berth of Cerberus

commemorative smoke night in honour of the final berthing

The Argus
October 5 1926


Boatman of the Bay

reference to the boatmen who transported navy personel to the warships

The Williamstown Chronicle
21 January 1933

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