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Any reference to a specific date and event allows us to find more information and detail.

A recent example was a reference in Chronicle of Australia, a general history book on Australia to Exercises by Cerberus on April 22 1905. Checking newspapers for this date brought to light almost certainly the last time on which Cerberus was exercised under steam.

Another example was a mention of Cerberus by Theocritis who commented that he remembered, as a cub reporter, writing an article on Cerberus for a Williamstown newspaper in March of 1900. Thus the lengthy article on the
need to upgrade and description of a tour of the ship was discovered.


Many of our best photographs have come from individuals who decided that it was important to preserve and share photographs taken by ancestors of their mates on Cerberus. These "happy snaps" tend to show close up views (and hence detail) of the ship as well as those who served on her.

Presumably there are many other "happy snaps" still in private hands.

Other possibilities are postcards and stereograph cards.

Other excellent photographs have come, courtesy of the State Library of Victoria, from newspapers of the day such as The Australasian and The Weekly Times.

Perpetual Calendar


As the Naval Reserve were made up of men holding down jobs, holidays were utilised for training. The most important of these was Easter followed by the Queen's birthday weekend and the Prince of Wales holiday.
The dates below are provided to assist in locating possible newspaper coverage.

Queen's Birthday & Prince of Wales Birthday holidays

Queen's (later Prince of Wales) Birthday May 25 ( holiday second Monday in May) until late 1800's and then June 3 (holiday second Monday of June)

Prince of Wales (later King's) Birthday November 9 ( holiday second Monday in November)

Empire Day May 24 (celebrated from 1905, holiday in later years)

Holidays for a given year

Dating Photographs

Dating photos is made easier because of the changes made to Cerberus over the years.
list of Alterations assists but the following changes are the most useful.

  • 1880 January

  •  The twin signalling masts were replaced with a single iron military mast with fighting top positioned high up the mast.

  • 1893

  • Flying Deck shortened.

  • 1892

  •  Sailors allowed to wear a moustache without a beard.
  • 1898 (mid)
  • Star emblem on ends of flying deck replaced with crown emblem.

    Easter Sunday Dates

    21st April 1867
    12th April 1868
    28th March 1869
    17th April 1870
    9th April 1871
    31st March 1872
    13th April 1873
    5th April 1874
    28th March 1875
    16th April 1876
    1st April 1877
    21st April 1878
    13th April 1879
    28th March 1880
    17th April 1881
    9th April 1882
    25th March 1883
    13th April 1884
    5th April 1885
    25th April 1886
    10th April 1887
    1st April 1888
    21st April 1889
    6th April 1890
    29th March 1891
    17th April 1892
    2nd April 1893
    25th March 1894
    14th April 1895
    5th April 1896
    18th April 1897
    10th April 1898
    2nd April 1899
    15th April 1900
    7th April 1901
    30th March 1902
    12th April 1903
    3rd April 1904
    23rd April 1905
    15th April 1906
    31st March 1907
    19th April 1908
    11th April 1909
    27th March 1910
    16th April 1911
    7th April 1912
    23rd March 1913
    12th April 1914
    4th April 1915
    23rd April 1916
    8th April 1917
    31st March 1918
    20th April 1919
    4th April 1920
    27th March 1921
    16th April 1922
    1st April 1923
    20th April 1924
    12th April 1925
    4th April 1926

    Newspaper Coverage

    ARGUS - Possibly the best newspaper to search. To date the Argus newspaper has been searched page by page for the following dates in red. Anyone wishing to research a section is asked to contact the webmaster in case someone else has already started.

    1870 1871 March 1 - Dec 1 1872 1873 1874
    1875 1876 1877 1878 1879
    1880 1881 1882 1883 1884
    1885 1886 1887 1888 1889
    1890 1891 1892 1893 1894
    1895 Jan 1 - Oct 31 1896 easter 1897 easter
    May 1-19 & August
    1898 easter 1899 easter
    1900 easter
    July 1 - Aug 10
    1901 easter 1902 easter 1903 easter 1904 easter
    1905 easter 1906 easter 1907 easter 1908 easter 1909 easter

    HERALD - Able to be
    searched online for $A16.00 for one month. Although we have searched up to 1902, due to the limitations of the search function, there is probably a lot more to be found by checking each page individually.

    Below are articles that we have already found in the Herald.

    THE AUSTRALASIAN - Excellent for images but most articles are shortened versions of what was published in the Argus.

    THE WEEKLY TIMES & THE LEADER also have good images.

    National Australian Archives

    The Australian Archives have generously uploaded 43 images from their Cerberus collection in digital format on their website. To view and download these go to

    then click RecordSearch

    next click Search now as a guest

    next enter    rs@i     into the keywords field

    and     A11619     into the reference number field

    finally click SEARCH


    The following sites have good Cerberus image collections.

    State Library of Victoria

    Australian War Memorial

    Picture Australia


    Dr. Mark Griffin - Living in the U.K. Mark has found new photographs of Cerberus and examined and written a report on the 1877 Torpedo Manual.

    Shirley Joy - A local historian whose Cerberus discoveries are too numerous to mention. They include discovering the Rowing competitions between the visiting Russians and the Victorian Navy, the story behind the Cerberus Silver Soup Tureen, numerous crew profiles and many other finds.

    Frank Noonan - An avid Cerberus fan who discovered that there were two and not one damaged guns on Cerberus. Frank has also found many relevant and important articles from the 1800's.

    John Rogers - I am currently working my way through the Argus newspaper and anything else that comes along.

    Cherylle Thurling - Although Cherylle has found quite a few gems her outstanding contribution has been in converting hard to read photocopies of articles and reports into typed and therefore searchable text.

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