Iron, Steel & Steam Seminar.

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June 28, 29 & 30 2006



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Wednesday 28 June: Welcome & Introductory Presentations

Venue: Sirens Restaurant and Bar, Williamstown Bathing Pavilion, Esplanade, Williamstown

7pm: Drinks
7:30pm: Welcome (Cass Philippou, Heritage Victoria)
7:40pm: Heritage Council Award (Chris Gallagher & Minister for Planning)
8:00pm: Peter Harvey Iron Steel and Steam Shipwreck Programs in Victoria
8:30pm: John Broadwater The USS Monitor Project

Thursday 29th June: Seminar Sessions

Venue: Hoddle Room, Level 16 Marland House,
570 Bourke Street, Melbourne, Vic. 9.00am: Welcome -Intro to sessions

Session 1: Full steam ahead: whirlwind tour of Iron, Steel & Steam

9.10 am: Mack McCarthy: The SS Xantho project
9.35 am: Peter Taylor, Greg Hodge & Mark Ryan: Southern Ocean Exploration
10.00 am: John Broadwater: the new NOAA Maritime Heritage Program
10.25am: Ray Sutcliff: Iron, Steel and Steam developments in the UK
10.50-11.10: Morning Tea

Session 2: Submarine archaeology

11.10am: Bob Mealings: The submarine Holland I
11.35am: Mack McCarthy: the Submarine Explorer Project
12.00am: J Beringer-Pooley (in absentia): the J-boat study
12.20 2.00pm Lunch (delegates to organise own)

Session 3: Australia steamship research, management and interpretation projects

2.00pm: Ross Anderson: The City of Launceston Project
2.25pm: Cassandra Philippou: Public Access at the City of Launceston
2.50pm: Andy Viduka: SS Yongala, access and management
3.15 3.30: afternoon tea

Session 4: History and Archaeology of Australian Navies

3.30pm: John Rogers: the Cerberus Project
3.55pm: Denis Cahill: The Victorian Navy Torpedo Boats
4.20pm: Ted Graham: Search for the HMAS Sydney
4.45pm: Close & drinks (venue TBC)

Friday 30th June: Site Visits

Venue: meet at Marland House 570 Bourke Street 8:20am;
travel to Cerberus at Black Rock & J7 at Sandringham Yacht Club

8:30am: Mini bus departs Marland House for Cerberus
9.30am: Mini bus meets MHU in Trim at Black Rock
9.30 10.15am: Tours aboard Trim of Cerberus
10.15 10.30: Mini bus travels to Sandringham Yacht Club
10.30 11.00: morning tea at Sandringham Yacht Club (provided)
11.00 11.30: Tour of J-7 submarine at SYC
11.30: Mini bus departs for Melbourne Airport