Funding Milestones of Campaign to Save the Cerberus.

ProjectDetails of ProjectCostSource of Funds

Feasibility Study
September 2000

Study to investigate feasibility of stabilising Cerberus.


- Heritage Council of Victoria

Save the Cerberus Alliance1 formed. (September 2001)

Geotechnical Study
May 2002

Investigation to obtain geotechnical data so as to accurately cost the project.



- $12,500 Bayside Council
- $12,500 Heritage Council of Victoria
- $25,000 Parks Victoria

Friends of the Cerberus2 formed. (September 2003)

Gun Removal
October 2004

To remove four 18 ton guns and thereby reduce weight on the superstructure.



- Heritage Council of Victoria

Risk Asessment
January 2006

Identify risk factors in case of catastrophic collapse.


- $14,500 Heritage Victoria
- $1,500 Friends of the Cerberus


To stabilise the turrets and breastwork so as to prevent collapse.     Details

$1.5 million

- $500,000 Federal Government (July 2008)

Raise Ship

Raise Cerberus onto a supporting platform.     Details

$5.5 million


1 Save the Cerberus Alliance comprises representatives of the major stakeholders, the City of Bayside, Heritage Victoria, the National Trust of Victoria, Parks Victoria, G.H.D. Pty Ltd and Friends of the Cerberus.

2 Friends of the Cerberus consists of individuals and organisations operating to support the Alliance.