Flags of the Victorian Naval Forces.

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Possible 1856 Naval Ensign flown by HMCS Victoria. mouseover flag above


Possible 1865 Naval Ensign flown by HMCS Victoria. mouseover flag above

Nine Flags flown by HMVS Cerberus.

British Merchant Flag. mouseover flag above
(Flown on delivery voyage.)


1870 Victorian flag. mouseover flag above

1877 Victorian flag with imperial crown. mouseover flag above


1901 Victorian flag with tudor crown
official flag 1 Jan. 1901 - 28 Feb. 1901. mouseover flag above

1901 Australian flag with large 6 pointed federation star
official flag 3 September 1901 to 20 February 1903. mouseover flag above


1903 Australian flag with small 6 pointed federation star
official flag 20 February 1903 - 1908. mouseover flag above

1908 (Current) Australian flag with 7 pointed federation star
official flag 1908 - 1911. mouseover flag above


Royal Navy Ensign
flown by Cerberus 1911-1924. mouseover flag above

1953 Victorian flag with St Edward's crown
(first flown by Cerberus 16 July 2006) mouseover flag above

Other Flags flown by the Victorian Navy.

Union Flag

Union Flag flown by HMCS Victoria
in New Zealand 1860
mouseover flag above

First Victorian Flag (1856)

In 1856 the Victorian Chief Secretary advised the various Victorian government departments that they were to fly distinctive flags. Captain Norman was asked to have the letter V placed under the crown on his ship's flag. In reply Captain Norman wrote "Before going to expense of making the alteration having the 'Kangaroo' in the position named for the letter....". Captain Norman then then made his case for the letter V to be omitted from the flag of HMCS Victoria. On 10 October 1856 the Chief Secretary replied that "The request of Captn. Norman may be complied with."2

As well as bearing a crown the flag flown by HMCS Victoria most likely bore the union flag in the upper canton as on the current Victorian and Australian flags. Whether the 1856 Victorian Naval flag also had a kangaroo on it is not known.

Second Victorian Flag (1865)

In the Victorian Government Gazette of 27 January 1865 the new flag for Her Majesty's Ships of War was described as "shall bear a white ensign, with a red St. George's cross and the union in the upper canton."

In the Victorian Government Gazette of 12 December 1865 it was stated that "in accordance with the Admiralty Regulations, published in the Government Gazette of 27th January, 1865, the Blue Ensign with the Union described therin, together with a Crown and the initial letter H.M.C., will be borne by boats, &c., in the Customs Department, in lieu of that previously in force."

Blue Ensign with Crown & Initial.

Flag flown on Elder's Gun Raft in 1865 with Imperial Crown and the letter T. Letters were used to indicate which Government department was responsible for the vessel. (Ian MacFarlane) Customs boats used the initials H.M.C.1 We believe that the letter T indicates that naval vessels came under the Treasury Department, which was in fact the case.mouseover flag above

After the Introduction of the 1870 Flag