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Firing a 64 Pounder (64 cwt) Mark III R.M.L.
at Fort Lytton Open Day, Brisbane.
- photo courtesy Queensland E.P.A.

Hello, introducing myself, Peter Webster. This photograph was taken atop the concrete gun emplacement on Battery Point, Portland, Victoria, and was published on 10 March 1999. I wish to acknowledge the dedication of local historian, Gwen Bennett, who arranged the photograph to promote interest in the site. The gun behind me is one of two 80 Pounder 81 Cwt R.M.L.'s used at Portland, but the only one to have an emplacement and magazine built for it.

Photo courtesy Portland Observer & Guardian,
Nicole Cleary photographer.
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Promoting the interest in, the study of, and the exchange of information on the heavy ordnance used in the coast defences of Australia.

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