Privacy Policy for Friends of Cerberus Inc.

The Friends of Cerberus Inc. collects and retains information from, and on, its Financial and Associate Members. This information may consist of, but may not be limited to, a Member's full name; full address details; partner and children's names (when included in the membership); and any contact details supplied. A Victorian Naval Rank may also be stored against the Members name if this is their wish.

The purpose that this information is collected for is to maintain proper and appropriate records, enable invoices to members to be raised if applicable, to send members various notices and items of correspondence, to enable Executive Members of the Friends of Cerberus to carry out their specific duties and to enable the Friends of the Cerberus to plan for the future by using Membership statistics and demographics.

Any Member may inspect their personal information held by the Friends of the Cerberus by a request in writing to The Secretary. Access to their particulars only will not be unreasonably withheld. A Member's information will be securely maintained and Friends of the Cerberus will not make this information available to any other person or organisation for the purposes of marketing or for any other purpose without a Member's specific permission.

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