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Please help us to fire a broadside that simply cannot be ignored and bear in mind that there will be a State election in Victoria next month on Saturday 24 November 2018 with a Federal (Commonwealth) election likely to be held by mid May next year (2019).

Our recent posts both here and on social media have included links for use by supporters in aiding our fight to save Cerberus from being 'entombed' in concrete at the hands of those paid to protect it. Links to our state and federal politicians have now been brought together, added to and updated here for easy reference (see also our 'Write to the Media' news item). Please use the following pre-addressed and formatted email links to express your support for "Friends of the Cerberus" and your opposition to the planned concrete infill of former Victorian colonial and Royal Australian Navy monitor HMVS/HMAS Cerberus (1868). Before sending, simply add an appropriate message and your particulars where indicated.

Whilst messages may be firm and direct please make sure you keep them constructive and on topic. Toward the bottom of this page there are offerings of pro-forma text to aid with compiling your argument. If your local representatives aren't listed here and you want to include them as a recipient of your email then feel free to conduct an online search at the Parliament(s) of "Australia" and/or "Victoria" as appropriate.

For this 'assault' we have variously highlighted links to indicate our primary targets via email and hot-link (to web/Facebook pages where interaction is invited). We consider these to be key politicians with a higher degree of relevance on this issue. Naturally, should you feel a desire to further pursue the matter after dealing with 'primary targets', feel free to 'pepper' the others at your discretion. With looming state and federal elections there will be numerous updates required to accompanying links at some stage regardless of the results so please look for relevant notations and ultimately for re-published news pages following each election date. We have made every effort to ensure that all are current at the time of posting but should you suspect any to be outdated or broken please let the author of this post know so they can be checked.

Emails to Victorian State Politicians:
(Since the 24 Nov 2018 Victorian elections many of these links will be outdated, consequently all Victorian State politicians' links have been disabled except as indicated).

Members of the Victorian Parliament - This link will open an email pre-addressed to those Members of the Victorian Parliament (both houses) listed here-under.

Emails to Australian Federal Politicians:
(Since the 18 May 2019 Australian elections many of these links will be outdated, consequently all Australian Federal Politicians' links have been disabled except as indicated).

Pro-forma Text:

Simply copy one of the following selections then paste it into the body of your email to replace the notation "insert message here". Alternatively you can write your own or 'mix-and-match' to vary the content at your discretion and for this purpose we offer links to further research notes, promotions and updates. Remember to add your (sender's) details as indicated before sending.

I wish to register my most vigorous objection to the use of concrete as infill on the multiple Victorian/Australian heritage listed 1860s monitor former HMVS/HMAS Cerberus. In fact I find it ludicrous that both the responsible state and federal government authorities seem willing to actively support the certain destruction of such a globally significant maritime asset rather than an actual heritage based solution.

For further research/information please visit - and or contact Friends of the Cerberus' President John Rogers [Ph: 061 (0)3 7018 1393; Email:]

The City of Bayside, incredibly with support from the Commonwealth and Victorian Heritage authorities is determined to destroy Australia's Federal Heritage Listed 1860s monitor the former HMVS/HMAS Cerberus, Victoria's one-time colonial flagship and the sole substantive remnant of Australia's Great War fleet (albeit as an auxiliary). If not stopped, they will do this under the guise of heritage preservation using federal grant funds obtained by local community not-for-profit "Friends of the Cerberus Inc." to preserve the vessel, not to destroy it nor solely to mitigate council's own public risk liability.

Bayside will soon proceed with a monolithic concrete infill of more than 4,000 tonnes which by their own admission won't even support the Cerberus' turrets and guns. Concrete infill was widely discredited in the USA during the first half of last century as being destructive, realistically irreversible and a generally unsound as a conservation process, not at all worthy of consideration by modern conservators for preservation of heritage sites. How can this be allowed to happen, especially as it is in clear violation of the "Burra Charter", Australia's 'bible' for treatment of such assets?

Even if true that 'fill-and-forget' is the only currently affordable solution for Cerberus there are demonstrably superior, reversible and cheaper alternative materials than concrete available for stabilisation and security that are environmentally inert. I join with others to implore you and your 'colleagues' from both sides of politics to intervene and stop this nonsense which will rightly be viewed the world over with derision and ridicule if it is allowed to proceed.

For further research/information please visit - and or contact Friends of the Cerberus' President John Rogers [Ph: 061 (0)3 7018 1393; Email:]

I write to make sure you are aware of a decision taken by Heritage Victoria recently that permits Bayside Council to fill Australia's Federal Heritage Listed 1860s monitor the former HMVS/HMAS Cerberus with more than 4,000 tonnes of concrete. Their decision follows an orchestrated process of exclusion by representatives from the City of Bayside, Federal Heritage Department and Heritage Victoria with no right of appeal by major stakeholders responsible for successfully acquiring a NHII grant to assist in preserving Cerberus. This grant will soon be 'misappropriated' to actively hasten the destruction of what is arguably Australia's most important maritime asset.

Bureaucratic delays were clearly intended to avoid any feasibility study into achieving an actual heritage outcome before the subject of such a study could be effectively undermined and support of councillors for the current plan marshalled. City of Bayside representatives were still giving assurances to the contrary even after a secret meeting between the 'conspirators' had decided to seek acquisition of the grant funds for mitigation of council's public risk liability and to end ongoing Cerberus preservation efforts. Given the high regard in which this vessel is held globally I find it incredible that relevant governments haven't already intervened to stop this 'insanity'.

For further research/information please visit - and or contact Friends of the Cerberus' President John Rogers [Ph: 061 (0)3 7018 1393; Email:]

Feel free to add the following to any of the above pro-forma options -

Fyi, Cerberus was built in Britain between 1 Sep 1867 and May 1869, launched 2 Dec 1868, commissioned at Chatham 12 Sep 1870, departed from Sheerness for Port Phillip 29 Oct 1870, completing the longest ever unassisted voyage by a monitor HMVS Cerberus entered Port Phillip 9 Apr 1871, transferred to Australian Commonwealth Navy 1 Mar 1901, fired salute on arrival of the USA's visiting Great White Fleet 29 Aug 1908, under King George V's signature the Australian Commonwealth Navy was renamed the Royal Australian Navy 10 Jul 1911, retained a commission during the Great War as a port guard ship and floating ordinance store 1914-1918, reassigned to serve as a submarine tender 1 Apr 1921 under the name HMAS Platypus II, sold to Melbourne Salvage Co. for 409 23 Apr 1924 and stripped of valuable fittings, sold to Black Rock Yacht Club and towed to Half Moon Bay where she was run aground and scuttled to form a breakwater 2 Sep 1926.

Image Credit:
Courtesy of "Three Headed Dog Productions" the accompanying image was 'borrowed' from a short simulated video titled "Cerberus at the Heads" which is available on our "Videos" page under "Simulated Footage".

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