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Bayside Council moves closer to Desecrating Cerberus

Bayside Council recently lodged a formal application with Heritage Victoria to fill our former HMVS/HMAS Cerberus with concrete under the guise of Heritage preservation despite clearly being at odds with the "Burra Charter" which is accepted nationally as the standard for heritage conservation.

The current status of Cerberus, being included on Australia's "National Heritage List", doesn't seem to matter when bureaucratic antagonism and political indifference are allied against valid community concerns for our vanishing heritage. Our supporters can still help to convince Heritage Victoria that a positive heritage outcome remains an option only if they deny Bayside Council's application.

Check out the following extract ("Submissions") from our recently published Newsletter (#198). Help to 'scuttle' this destructive and unacceptable proposal. Send your individual protest as indicated, to Heritage Victoria by conventional (hard-copy) mail today and make sure you beat their 23 Apr '18 deadline. If lost for words feel free to copy and paste the form letter provided on our "Help" page.


Naturally we will be making a submission to Heritage Victoria. Anyone wishing to do likewise should be aware that submissions should be posted, and NOT emailed, to Heritage Victoria, PO Box 500, Melbourne 8002.

Any overseas supporters wishing to make submissions can email them to us via and we will post them to Heritage Victoria.

It cannot be emphasised enough that Heritage Victoria will decide later this month whether to fill Cerberus with concrete. All indications are that the application will be approved.

By my reckoning, 1,700 cubic metres of concrete will require over 200 concrete trucks to fill Cerberus. A horrifying thought. What a way to treat a place on the National Heritage List.'

Follow the link, read Newsletter #198 in full and update yourself with Friends of the Cerberus' position regarding these latest developments.

Update (Mon 16 Apr '18) - A link to this news item was shared to our Facebook page last Wednesday afternoon 11 April 2018 and in less than five days social media stats have recorded that almost 11,000 people have viewed it whilst better than one in four of them have liked, commented, shared or actively followed this and/or other links provided. Comparatively this is a huge volume of traffic for a single Facebook post. Thanks to everyone who helped push this information to a wider audience and be sure to make time for reading some of the supportive comments being posted.

Update (Sat 21 Apr '18) - Our Facebook item has now reached more than 15,100 people. Heritage Victoria's deadline is upon us for submissions/comments relating to Bayside Council's application for a work permit to proceed with their concrete infill plan so if you haven't yet done so by conventional hard-copy mail then you may as well email it to otherwise you will likely miss the deadline, unless you are in Melbourne and able to mail it before clearance on Sunday (22 Apr). Feel free to use the 'form letter' on our "Help" page or compose your own.

Update (Mon 4 Jun '18) - To date we have not heard form Heritage Victoria regarding the outcome of our objection to Bayside's request for a permit to fill Cerberus with concrete. Our online promotion aimed at convincing Heritage Victoria to reject the application has now reached close to 30,000 people with more than half (15.50K) from our lead Facebook post alone. Newsletter #200 was recently published (29 May '18) with a comprehensive preview provided on our Facebook page. Each member will already have received a full copy by email which includes a number of links to relevant reports and submissions.

Update (Wed 18 Jul '18) - A long awaited decision has now been received from Heritage Victoria which confirms our worst fears, that the State's premier heritage protection authority has 'fallen in line' with Bayside Council and the responsible Commonwealth Minister to essentially destroy Australia's sole substantive remnant of its Great War fleet. Happy WWI Centenary Australia. Read more in our current (soon to be published) web-news post and Newsletter #201.

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