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Bayside supports Bracing

At the monthly meeting of the City of Bayside Council on the 18th of June, Council decided to advise the federal and state governments that Bayside wishes to proceed with the bracing of the Cerberus gun turrets. Before the recommendation to Council was discussed, Peter Tully (Secretary) and John Rogers (President) spoke for three minutes each. They stated the position that Friends of the Cerberus appreciated its close working relationship with Bayside and urged Council to accept the recommendation before it and Save the Cerberus. That all seven councillors spoke in favour of the motion was encouraging as were the comments made regarding the importance of saving Cerberus. Councillor Frederico said that she found the letter from the federal heritage department hilarious given their proposal that photos in an interpretive display somehow made up for allowing Cerberus to collapse. Councillor Hayes also took on board the irony of both the Commonwealth and State Heritage departments suggesting doing nothing and allowing Cerberus to collapse.

What was particularly pleasing was the gratitude expressed by councillors to Friends of the Cerberus for our work in campaigning to Save the Cerberus. Councillors Frederico, Norris, Hayes and Mayor Cooper-Shaw all strongly expressed their gratitude. The recommendation that the bracing proceed was passed unanimously. Council will now formally lodge an application for a permit to complete the bracing project.

The City of Bayside is the legal owner of Cerberus as well as the project manager for the bracing project.

In summary, after the meeting Friends of the Cerberus was greatly encouraged and confident that, in conjuncion with the City of Bayside and the National Trust the federal and state heritage bodies will be able to be convinced to reverse their opposition towards bracing Cerberus.

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