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Friends of the Cerberus has received a $15,800 grant enabling us to create Victorian Navy Relics apps for iPhone and Android Smartphones.

The grant is from the Telematics Course Development Fund which is committed to the development and use of new information and communication technologies that support innovative educational initiatives within Victoria. The Trust provides unique funding opportunities to individuals, Educational Institutes, Government, Business and Not-for-Profit organisations that are exploring the possibilities of using information and communications technology for educational purposes.

The Victorian Navy Relics iPhone and Android Applications aim to include in one source the location, subject to privacy considerations, of all known Victorian Navy relics. The map below and the list at the Victorian Navy Relics App webpage details the relics that we are aware of. So that our App is as comprehensive as possible please contact us if you are aware of any other Victorian Navy relics. We know that they are other relics out there, such as a tompion from Cerberus, we just don't know where they are.

Distribution of Victorian Navy Relics within Victoria

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