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3D Scanning undertaken

Under ideal conditions the first stage of designing the Gun Turrets bracing support structure took place on Friday 15 July. The tide was very low (700 mm below datum), the sea was calm and the wind very light or absent. Mauk Baumann and Nick Herath from 3D Spatial undertook the 3D scanning of the above water section of Cerberus. Three scans were taken of each side of Cerberus from a Jackup Barge. Further scans were taken on board the Breastwork Deck of Cerberus as well as from inside and from on top of both Gun Turrets.

Sasha Harrison and Youri Guedj from BMT Design & Technology, who are designing the bracing structure for the turrets, were also present. Representatives from the Bayside Council, who are undertaking the project management as well as representatives from Friends of the Cerberus were also present.

Shown at left is Nick Herath from 3D Spatial setting up the Faro Focus scanner for the first scan from Kevin Johnson's Jack Up Barge.

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