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Captains Class Ranks Now Available

New Rank of Captain in the Victorian Navy

Committee has been aware for some time that some members wish to pay a higher membership fee. Until now this has been achieved by either making a donation or joining for more than one year in advance. We have not increased membership fees as we understand that not everyone is in a position to pay a higher fee for their rank of choice. We believe that our new membership structure caters for our existing members who wish to retain their rank as well as those who wish to pay more.

Those wishing to do so can now purchase the rank of Captain for an annual fee of between $130 and $1,000.

These new ranks are additional to the existing ranks which still range from $20 up to $100.

Membership Renewal Page

Captains Class RanksAnnual Fee

Monitor Captain


Line of Battleship Captain


Gunboat Captain


1st Class Torpedo Boat Captain


2nd Class Torpedo Boat Captain


Torpedo Launch Captain


Auxiliary Gunboat Captain


Steam Sloop Captain


Armed Launch Captain


Mine Layer Captain


Picket Boat Captain


Gun Raft Captain


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