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Project Manager for Bracing Announced

On 26 October Bayside Council (owners of Cerberus) voted unanimously to project manage the bracing of the turrets on Cerberus. Since November 2009 we have been involved in discussions with the National Trust, who hold the $500,000 grant that we received fom the Federal Government, and Heritage Victoria whose permission is needed to undertake any works on Cerberus.

In 2009 & 2010 Friends of the Cerberus funded the costing of a bracing design drawn from the stabilisation plan and a second design proposed by the National Trust. As neither of these designs were seen as ideal the process adopted has been to ask for "design and build expressions of interest" from a number of engineering companies in the hope of achieving a better outcome.

Recent discussions with the City of Bayside have taken place in the hope that they would be prepared to project manage the whole process. To their credit, on October 26, Bayside Council grasped the opportunity to play an important part in preventing the imminent collapse of the Cerberus turrets. Such a collapse would almost certainly doom Cerberus.

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