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China Contingent Flag

In 1900 South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales sent members of their navies to China to assist in putting down the Boxer Rebellion. The flag that the Victorian Naval Contingent took with them was until recently displayed in Victorian Parliament House but unfortunately was not viewable by the public. Our request to display this flag as part of our Victorian Navy display was recently granted.

The flag is therefore now accessable to members of the public for the first time along with other rare artefacts such as the bell from HMVS Albert, the wheel from HMVS Nelson, our Cerberus Shot and Shell, paintings of the Victorian Navy etc.

The flag, which is an 1870 Victorian flag with a crown added so that it approximates an 1877 flag, is now on display in the Geelong Maritime Museum. Friends of the Cerberus is grateful to the Parliament of Victoria for allowing us to display this flag, more correctly known as an ensign.

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