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Bracing Possible Within Budget

In the light of our failure to gain further funding from the recent Heritage Grants, Friends of the Cerberus recently commissioned GHD Pty/Ltd to re-examine our proposal to brace Cerberus. The task was to ascertain how much of Cerberus could be braced for the $500,000 that we already have. As the turrets are at risk of collapsing through the breastwork deck and upper deck, our hope was that we could brace at least one of the two turrets. The outcome of GHD's examination was good news in that, by dispensing with the overhead component of the bracing, both turrets are able to be braced to the breastwork armour and the upper deck's armour for $400,000.

Although the thin lower hull can still collapse further, the basic bracing (blue in diagram) would ensure that the integrity of the upper hull, central superstructure and turrets was maintained. We would be able to install the overhead bracing (red in diagram) on one turret for our remaining $100,000 but would require a further $100,000 to do so with both turrets. Committee has decided to proceed with the basic bracing as shown below with the hope that we can undertake the overhead bracing for both turrets as well.

Blue = Basic bracing

Red = Overhead bracing

Revised Plan

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