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Cerberus Art Exhibition

Tamsin Davidson of Pivotal Galleries in Melbourne is acting to help preserve the unique Ironclad monitor, HMVS Cerberus. Therefore, in association with the Friends of the Cerberus, Pivotal Galleries is holding a special 'Save the Cerberus' art exhibition at Tamsin's gallery in Bridge Road Richmond.

The exhibition will feature over a dozen new original artworks by leading contemporary Australian artists, alongside 19th century paintings, a large model of Cerberus, photographs of & original artifacts from the ship including a huge 10 inch shell. The Victorian Navy Re-enactors will be in attendance.

The exhibition will be held at Pivotal Galleries, 442 Bridge Road Richmond on Oct 7 - 18. The grand opening will be at 6.30 pm on the 7th of October.

View paintings submitted so far.

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