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Can Cerberus be Moved?


Early this year we were approached by Matthew Manifold of Mammoth Movers who believes that his company can move Cerberus to a land based location. Although skeptical at first, further discussions indicated that the idea was worth pursuing. We therefore organised a meeting between representatives from Mammoth Movers, Heritage Victoria, the National Trust of Victoria and ourselves. Unfortunately illness prevented the National Trust representative from attending what was a fascinating explanation of the process involved. Suffice to say that all present were very impressed and concluded that Mammoth Movers has the technical expertise to move structures the size of Cerberus.

It was decided to undertake a feasibility study to ascertain the costs involved in moving Cerberus onto land. Before the study can proceed we need to identify two possible locations where Cerberus can be moved to. At this stage we have had initial discussions with the owners of two possible locations close to Melbourne.

Some of the advantages of moving Cerberus from Half Moon Bay to a land location are as follows:-

It is worth emphasising that, at this stage, we are simply investigating the concept of moving Cerberus.

Read about Ships that have been moved onto land.

photo shows U-505 being moved in 2004.

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