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Cerberus Community Card Released

Friends of the Cerberus is now able to offer our supporters a Cerberus United Petroleum Community Card.

When members buy United petrol, diesel or LPG and present their Cerberus branded United Community Card, Friends of the Cerberus will be credited with one cent for every litre of fuel purchased.

The card is labelled with our name and logo but does not identify individual card holders to United. United does not require any information about card holders so participation will not involve any contact from United or any other organisation.

When paying for fuel the Community Card is swiped on an EFTPOS type machine either before or after making the payment. Although there is no discount for card holders, Friends of the Cerberus will receive one cent per litre. Obviously one cent per litre will not be enough to undertake stabilisation of Cerberus, but it will assist with our campaign costs.

Supporters should to do their own price comparisons, but, in my experience, United petrol is the same price or lower than the discounted Coles or Safeway petrol price.

Supporters wishing to obtain a Cerberus Community card simply need to CLICK HERE and reply with their name, address and number of cards that they want. Commander John Toogood (Victorian Navy) will then post an explanatory letter and card(s) to you. Your details will not be passed on to anyone outside of Friends of the Cerberus.

United sells 91 octane petrol, 95 octane ethanol blend petrol, 98 octane petrol, diesel and LPG. United Service Station locations are listed on the introductory letter and on their website locations page.

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