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Membership for Organisations

Class of MembershipAnnual Fee
Line of Battleship
1st Class Torpedo Boat
2nd Class Torpedo Boat
Torpedo Launch
Auxiliary Gunboat
Steam Sloop
Armed Launch
Mine Layer
Picket Boat
Gun Raft

Membership of the Victorian Navy is now available for organisations. There are 12 classes of membership.

Payment of the appropriate fee entitles the organisation to the class for one year. The organisation is entitled to send two voting representatives to the AGM. Other members of the organisation are welcome to attend as non-voting members.

A membership certificate is issued in the name of the organisation for the class of membership purchased. The organisation would also receive our newsletter which is published approximately once a month and the organisation's members may receive the newsletter by e-mail. A welcome message is included in the first newsletter that members receive and draws attention to the unsubscribe link that appears at the bottom of each newsletter.

An A4 size certificate is issued on joining and contains the ship's badge of HMVS Cerberus (courtesy of the RAN), the Friends of the Cerberus logo & coronetts in each corner which were used to indicate that Cerberus was the flagship of the fleet. The text is adapted from a commissioning certificate of the early 1900's.

Organisations can join the Victorian Navy by using the printable membership form or via the Ship's On-line Store.

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