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Question for Malcolm Turnbull

In June this year Justin Madden, the Victorian Minister for Planning, wrote to you asking that you discuss joint funding to stabilise Cerberus. We would like to know why you declined this offer.

That Cerberus is on the National Heritage list shows its significance. The inclusion of Cerberus on the National Trust's Top Ten list of Australia's most endangered heritage sites is to be applauded but is cause for concern. The National Trust comments that there is immediate risk of deterioration and destruction & that the although a solution has been agreed, it has not been implemented. When Friends of the Cerberus applied for federal funding we were told that we should apply for an NHII grant. These grants are limited to $500,000 when we need $3.5 million from each government. When we applied in 2006 we were ruled ineligible.

Our question again is that our members would like to know why you, as the federal minister responsible for heritage, declined Justin Madden's offer to discuss joint funding to stabilise Cerberus.

John Rogers
Fleet Engineer (Victorian Navy)
website, research & President.

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