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Cerberus in Top 10 Our Heritage at Risk places.

The National Trust today announced, on behalf of its 80,000 members, its inaugural Our Heritage at Risk national top ten list in Hobart, Tasmania. The final list was derived from over 60 Our Heritage at Risk places throughout Australia, identified by the National Trust earlier this year.

The Chairman of the Australian Council of National Trusts, Mr Pat Comben, says reducing the list to only ten was a difficult process. "It was a hard decision coming up with only ten places," Mr Comben said.

The following places were named as the ten heritage places at most risk in Australia:

Our Heritage at Risk is a new Australia wide program run in partnership with Engineers Heritage Australia (EHA), Museums Australia (MA) & Royal Australian Institute of Architects (RAIA). It is a two-tiered program, with each state and territory compiling a Top Ten Most at Risk Heritage list, & selecting a few most at risk for consideration towards a National Top Ten list of Most at Risk Heritage. The purpose of the program is to draw attention to the heritage at risk to both the public and authorities in the hope of changing the status of the endangered heritage.

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