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Father's Day at Cerberus

Black Rock Yacht Club are opening their Dining Room on Father's Day on the 3rd of September. This is the same date as Cerberus Celebration Day. Patrons can dine inside with outstanding views of Half Moon Bay, HMVS Cerberus and Pt. Phillip Bay.

Not only is it possible to dine on Father's Day with a view of the world's last monitor, it is also possible to board a boat and inspect it up close. At 2.00 pm the Victorian Navy Re-enactors will raise the Victorian flag & fire a musket volley. Following this our patron, John Wood, & some committee members will say a few words. Our 3 new models and other materials will be on show on the jetty.

Although the photo of John Broadwater of the USS Monitor Trust does not do the dining room justice, it does show the view available. To book for meals phone 03 9598 0570 or email

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