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National Heritage Listing

Cerberus has achieved National Heritage Listing. This is recognition that Cerberus has "outstanding heritage significance to Australia". There are now 21 National Heritage Places in Australia. Naturally we are all ecstatic about the listing. Although there is no funding attached, listing does give a lot of support to our argument to save the Cerberus.

Members may recall that the nomination of Cerberus for the National Heritage List, was co-nominated by Friends of the Cerberus and the National Trust of Australia (Victoria). David Moloney from the National Trust and Ross Anderson from Heritage Vic. made invaluable contributions and complemented our own approach.

The success of our nomination certainly vindicates the decision by the Victorian State Government to fund the removal of the 4 guns from Cerberus that occurred in March this year. This of course followed from the decisions of Bayside Council, Parks Vic. & Heritage Vic. to fund the Geotechnical Study in 2003. This was itself based on the Feasibility study funded by Heritage Vic. a few years earlier.

We are now a "National Heritage Place."

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