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New Website Host

Willem Van Tuil of OzNet One has very generously offered to host the Cerberus website at OzNet One. At a stroke this overcomes the problems of half of our website being in Australia, half being in the UK and the address being hosted in the USA. In addition the space available at OzNet One is six times what we had available previously.

It goes without saying that we are extremely grateful to VicNet for hosting the Cerberus website for the last three years. The Free Community Websites offered by VicNet is an excellent service and has been a huge benefit to us. Without VicNet's assistance we could not have developed as we have.

The downside is that almost all links in past newsletters and in search engines no longer point to our website. These old links will continue to go to the old Cerberus pages for a while until they gradually disappear. Key pages have had re-direct scripts placed on them but again these will only work for a while.

If you go to the Cerberus website via the address or then all is well. The easiest way to tell if you are looking at the new site is by looking at the address bar at the top of the browser. If is included in the address then you are on the new site.

Please advise me should you find any links that I have neglected to update.

Once again we are extremely grateful to OzNet One for their assistance with our campaign to Save the Cerberus.

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